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About the Book


Lenny Wilkens

"It seems like yesterday when Troy was a young kid hanging around our practices during our championship season in Seattle. After reading the material in this book it’s apparent that time has certainly moved forward. “The Virtual Game…” contains a wealth of knowledge that reflects years of experience and pedigree. I am a firm believer in basketball as model for success. The ingredients for success are the same in life as in basketball. I respect the energy and effort Troy has put forth to provide you with a legitimate opportunity to develop yourself as a player and individual.

Basketball is a game of maximizing advantages. It is to your advantage to allow the “The Virtual Game…” to help you. There’s information inside these pages for players of all levels – including college and pro. It definitely holds everyone to a high standard of play. It’s rooted in the fundamentals, yet provides esoteric material that will hold your interest and expand your thinking. I give this book a thumbs up.”

Lenny Wilkens - NBA Hall of Fame Player and Hall of Fame Coach



Eddie Miles

"The Virtual Game of Basketball is a fascinating read. It will take you to places in basketball you didn’t know existed. I was very fortunate to have great coaches growing up. It was up to us to go out and play, but they taught us how to play with a steady diet of discipline and fundamentals. I can attest to the principles broken down inside this book. It will give you insight and advantage in areas that generally are taken for granted by most players. It will change the way you play and most importantly the way you perform.

I’m and “old” pro and a veteran teacher of this game. I have read it several times and have picked up something beneficial each time. If you love basketball, you’ll love this book. What else can I say?"

Eddie Miles - "The Man with the Golden Arm" - NBA All-Star






The Virtual Game of Basketball

Learn the Math, Physics & Fundamentals of what is required for machine-like efficiency across your entire skill set

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Virtual Game of Basketball


The Virtual Game of Basketball is a fascinating read. It will take you to places in basketball you didn't know existed.