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Looking for Reps to help organize 

Virtual Clinics in your area

Receive up to $1000 per event

Players  Learn the Martial Arts of Basketball

Not just a “Camp”… but an experience

There will always be “Camps” to go to… this is for the serious hooper looking for that extra something.  This is a unique opportunity to grow technically, physically, intellectually and emotionally


Topics: (3 hrs)

Virtual Play Overview

Skill Acquisition: Programming

Foot & Body Mechanics :

Structure: 45/90

Stance: (Absolute speed)

(Push Foot/Control Foot)

Handles In a Hurry:

Ballhandling = Feet +Body + Ball


Topics:  (3 hrs)

6F’s = Machine Shooting/Shooting Mechanics

Lane Play= What to do after the catch

Line Drive= Negotiating “final approach” to the basket


$120 per Student

25 student limit per session

Session 1: 10-14  yrs

Session 2: 15-18 yrs

contact info:

troyrmiles twitter button



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The Virtual Game of Basketball

Learn the Math, Physics & Fundamentals of what is required for machine-like efficiency across your entire skill set

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Virtual Game of Basketball


The Virtual Game of Basketball is a fascinating read. It will take you to places in basketball you didn't know existed.