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Virtual Training

We are committed to helping YOU improve:

Physically, Technically , Intellectually and Emotionally

Challenge yourself

GET in the "LAB"

Individual/Group Sessions


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Machine Building:

"Axle Work"

Virtual Training is a martial art of basketball

Skill Acquisition methodology



Stance - Footwork/mechanics - Bodywork/Mechanics - vertical development


Shot Mechanics - Shot preparation - Shot selection


Footwork - Bodywork - Dribbling

PLUS so much more ...

"Lab" (Gym) sessions will improve your game regardless of your level. Whether you’re a beginner or LeBron James,  Virtual training will improve your skill sets, application emotional mindset. The sole goal is chartable growth at all times. CQI- Continuous Quality Improvement should always be at the forefront of your efforts. Don't be the victim of a eMPTy Workout (click)

I will troubleshoot (analyze and critique) your play and offer feedback on your overall game. Drills are designed to create default settings for maximum performance.  Lab sessions are psychologically demanding, but such tactics are key to accessing skill sets under pressure. The goal of virtual play is to be machine-like (in efficiency) in technique and application. This is a verifiable method to move ANYONE toward the 100th percentile of function.





John Allen DII First Team All-American

I’ve had success in basketball for a number of years. I was the top player on my high school team and arguably the top player on my AAU team. Still, I was an unheralded player with raw-ability looking at low D2 schools until I began training with Troy. In months he turned me into a bona fide D1 prospect. His knowledge, information and view of the game of basketball is like none out there. I’ve personally seen the growth of my own game and others who train. I’d say you were a fool to not soak this knowledge up. He transformed my game… and I could already play. Last year I was second team all conference as a sophomore. I’m not satisfied with my status but, I feeling good about where I’m going. I honestly can’t wait to get back in the “Lab” -- it's helped me tremendously and I honestly feel he could do the same for anyone out there!

John Allen   





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Josh Fisher  Euroleague "Stopper" says:

Josh Fisher-Real Madrid

I am writing from Spain, where I’ve been playing profesional ball for the past six years.
I am proud to say that I was the first one in Troy’s lab back when I was in Mercer Island High School. Ever since I’ve been working with him every chance I get.
The way we make the game seem harder than it is at times, it’s always nice to get stuff broken down to a different perspective that will make the game smoother and easier to comprehend. I relish my time in the " Lab"

Josh Fisher

Jordan Hamilton  Former Lehigh University Captain

I am proud to say that I have been working with Troy for close to 10 years. Looking back, the transformations I’ve made are astounding. I began as a timid, clumsy, non-athletic 4th grader playing on his AAU team. I had no killer instinct, no distinguishing attributes… I was terrified of even passing the ball in.

In 7th grade I came close to quitting basketball for good. Troy persuaded me to give it one more chance. Trusting him, and not wanting to disappoint anyone, I stuck with it and began training. Ever since then I have been improving at a rate greater than that of my peers. I almost feel like I have been given an unfair advantage. I have been in the “Lab” with him breaking down the game into the smallest pieces and mastering them. I have been given mathematically verifiable information to manipulate the opposition in every possible circumstance of play. I was taught how to force the defender to move, how to react to his movement in the most efficient way; all while playing under control and in conjunction with any team concept.

It has never been easy. Troy forces you to conquer and work with the greatest enemy to change– your own brain. The results have been outstanding. I am still on the road to becoming a (complete) Virtual Player. In the process I’ve entertained numerous scholarship offers and currently have a chance of playing in the NCAA Tournament.

His knowledge, methods, attention to detail, and understanding are unlike anything I have seen in my career at any level. I am proud to say I am a product of Miles Ahead basketball and can’t wait to return to the lab this spring and summer both as a student and teacher. I have much more I can say about the details of what training entails and would be more than happy to answer any questions. My e-mail

Looking back to my days as a fourth grader- even as an 8th grader, no one would have expected me to reach the level I have-- not even myself. Training with Troy has transformed me as a person and ball player

  Jordan Hamilton