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Virtual Play

“First and foremost, I’m a teacher. So that’s what I do.
I’ll teach this game to whoever wants to learn.”

—Hubie Brown

I humbly share Coach Brown’s sentiments. I invite you on a journey to a basketball place where you might not have been before. Being well versed in the fundamentals is a great and necessary start for effective play. However, the addition of math and physics to your applications will move your game into a different realm. This book is an opportunity for you to become a more capable basketball person: physically, technically, intellectually and emotionally. No matter how well you play or what league you play in, this book will make you more refined in technique and sharper in application. The goal of my instruction is to help you to become machine-like across all of your basketball functions by creating default settings for consistent or automated performance...

The truth is the math and science of the game never changes when it comes to successful play. In fact, most successful players do the same things. Oftentimes these players are not aware of or even concerned with the mathematical or scientific realities of their actions. They have success doing what they do, so they continue to do it. Unfortunately, most players are not so lucky. Think about it. What are the chances of randomly acquiring the necessary skill sets to become a top player? As a result, “stars” are rare. That means most players are in desperate need of the right information or materials to become the diamond of their dreams.

But how do you get there without knowing what you do not know or, worse, not knowing you do not know? Read more in the "The virtual Game of Basketball"



The Virtual Game of Basketball

Learn the Math, Physics & Fundamentals of what is required for machine-like efficiency across your entire skill set

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Virtual Game of Basketball


The Virtual Game of Basketball is a fascinating read. It will take you to places in basketball you didn't know existed.