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Do You Know About the Basketball Revolution?

Posted in New Posts, News on August 3rd, 2015 by Troy Miles

11326045_1623038621300758_2032451773_nDoes anyone know what a BP is? A BP is a Beyond Profiteer—a person who makes priceless contributions to people, places or things.  I consider myself a BP—it’s what I live for. I absolutely love pushing people forward.  I still have to catch myself from giving unsolicited advice to people—some people will think you are crazy (lol). I just can’t help myself.  It’s my passion.  It gives ME fulfillment beyond belief. Hopefully YOU will get an opportunity to benefit in some way.   Maybe you are down and out and I stop and give you five bucks from my pocket OR… maybe you are a basketball player and I can help you beyond your wildest dreams.  

“Virtual Journey: Jordan Hamilton”Jham3drk2

I AM willing to help any person… friend or passerby in any way that I can in the moment. But my burning desire is to help resurrect the American Basketball Model (ABM).  It’s flawed and headed south relative to the rest of the world. I know, I know, we can be defensive about it, but deep in our hearts (or not so deep, we know it.  We are marveling at the “Euro” style because they are playing the game well technically with crisp application. I’m “salty” because they learned it from us. Our Dream Teamers gave the world the blueprint for successful play, which sadly was lost on our youth.  “Dream Team…American Nightmare”

Are there terrific American ball players? OF COURSE!  Are there American ballplayers that play the right way? OF COURSE! We are witnessing an age of incredible athletic demonstration, yet at the same time a most certain drop in intellectual application and technical skill set  —which is confusing since so many players seem to have “magician-like” qualities in their display. Indeed skill set is a critical element, but “clean” APPLICATION (of skill set) IS EVERYTHING. In that manner, our game is lagging against the international curve.

Quite frankly, the men’s game is inferior to the women’s game intellectually—-LET’S FACE IT FELLAS!

My mission is to help change the culture here—if only one player at a time. I run a business no doubt, yet quite often I find myself training players for free or reduced fare (much to the chagrin of those who count on me)—but I’m a go-getter (I make it work).  I just can’t help myself.  The most important thing to me is growth and development.  I can’t train everyone for free, but I am absolutely addicted to the incredible feeling of transforming individual “games” and lives. I am proud of the guys and gals that have showed their grit in dedication to positive change.  I am equally proud of our basketball legacy in the world. I’m ALL-IN to help get us back to status.  “What Now? (Journey For Growth & Development)”

I personally teach the Martial Arts of Basketball. The goal is to forge players to become machine-like in efficiency across their entire skill set, processing of play and most importantly in application.  This requires precise execution (of the right material) at the gym and critical film analysis away.  These two elements produce cerebral players with technically sound skill set to boot. This is what we call Know-How with Do-How. Just Do-How might as well be Do-Do and quite often comes across like shit (sorry).   “From Do-How to Know-How…Hopefully”

Our country needs Blackbelts.. Every Blackbelt produced is helping to change our basketball culture. We have teachers ready and willing to help. All the instructors are Blackbelts. The question is…Do you have what it takes to join the REVOLUTION?  It takes strength to be a part of the solution. “Virtual Play”

The best part is all most anyone can become a Blackbelt. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE THE BEST ATHLETE TO BE THE BEST PLAYER. IF YOU ARE A TERRIFIC ATHLETE YOU CAN REALLY BE THE BEST PLAYER. Look what’s before you. Could you imagine if some of our European stars were freak athletes like some of our American stars—smh….wow!

If you need someone to teach you Martial Arts of Basketball, find us and we will get you in the LAB—Where L earning  A bout B asketball  truly happens.  If it works out, YOU will get better E5M (Every 5 minutes) and WE will get to fulfill our desires of producing new age players, “Virtually” thinking human beings AND get to watch it all happen.

That’s what I call success!

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