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Do You Know About the Basketball Revolution?

Posted in New Posts, News on August 3rd, 2015 by Troy Miles

11326045_1623038621300758_2032451773_nDoes anyone know what a BP is? A BP is a Beyond Profiteer—a person who makes priceless contributions to people, places or things.  I consider myself a BP—it’s what I live for. I absolutely love pushing people forward.  I still have to catch myself from giving unsolicited advice to people—some people will think you are crazy (lol). I just can’t help myself.  It’s my passion.  It gives ME fulfillment beyond belief. Hopefully YOU will get an opportunity to benefit in some way.   Maybe you are down and out and I stop and give you five bucks from my pocket OR… maybe you are a basketball player and I can help you beyond your wildest dreams.   Read more »

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“In the Lab” with Nia Jackson

Posted in New Posts, News on September 17th, 2011 by Troy Miles

Nia Jackson

Nia Jackson is a former All-Pac 12 guard at the University of Oregon. Before her injury she was one of the most explosive players in the country.  I was able to spend three days (12 hours) with her in the “Lab” recently .  Nia has been working hard to rehab a knee injury suffered against the University of Washington last season.  Physically she is about 60 percent and is limited to what she is permitted to do on the court. The good news  is she was still able to add to her PTAG –Physical, Technical, Application (Intellectual)  and Grit (Emotional) development, because “Virtual” growth isn’t necessarily a physical process.

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I know You know But…..

Posted in New Posts, News on July 29th, 2010 by Troy Miles

I know you know … but  what if, all you know is only a portion of what you need to know or could know. Would you still play the role and continue to act like you know anyway, or would you seek out the information to move forward? What? You would just keep doing what you do … huh….? Really?! Okay, I get it. You must be a BASKETBALL PLAYER!

It’s unbelievable  how so many basketball players think they already “know”- at least enough (especially older players).  On top of that, they refuse (somehow ?) to believe that what they don’t know not only shows, but is ultimately vital to their success. It’s craziness. But in the world of basketball, that’s how it is for the most part, even non-players think they know. This is delusion of the most high.  No other sport is quite as bad. Sh!  If only basketball was as simple as: a ball , a hoop , a couple of crossovers, a made three-pointer here and there,  and KABAM … give me the jersey –please!

Hoop is such a glamour/warrior driven sport  that egos are clad in tuxedos. Help is for others, but not me though?

Even if you can play , you probably can’t really play anywhere near where you think you can.  The vast majority of  players think their capacities are  120+ % of their actual self. That is, they think their capability (in a certain area or overall game) is at 100, but their actual proficiency  or ability  is closer to 80 in this scenario. I will say however, that a person with true ability who thinks this way is quite dangerous, especially in comparison to capable players who think 70 or 80% of self (think they’re at 70-80 % when they’re actually at 100%) — but that’s another issue.

Many ballplayers would rather be “…ruined by praise than saved by criticism.” (Norman Vincent Peale). In fact, many people do everything in their power to  surround themselves with people who will always say positive things about them and give them approval. Understandably, people generally don’t like being criticized.  But in order to truly improve, you must find a way to embrace it, rather than run away from it. Getting approval is very easy.  Getting the “real talk” can be tough, but worth the effort.  You can always find at least one person who will tell you exactly what you want to hear.

In order to improve, you need to ask yourself what you can do to grow, evolve, and excel.  You also need to seek people  who have solution-based information.  Since everybody knows something about basketball, you must develop an effective filtering method for the information you move forward with.  Ask: Does the information giver offer a Verification Model ( Information, Demonstration, Explanation and confirmation) ? Keep in mind, that when you do receive constructive criticism (quality information),  be certain to  listen to it and apply it to your program (skills, methods, and understandings).  Otherwise, it becomes a wasted opportunity.     People who “Listen to the Message” grow.  Most players fail to learn from criticism (see: “The Brain Game” chapter 2 in the Sampler) and therefore cannot adapt in response to it.

Bottom Line: Seek optimization where you can find it and  please….


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The Game after the Game

Posted in New Posts, News on July 3rd, 2010 by Troy Miles

Jordan Hamilton comment from “If You Can Hoop… there’s Hope”:

Growing as a basketball player with the programming of optimal default settings through Virtual Play is the most challenging, frustrating, and rewarding processes I have been a part of. Already I am able to see the infinite connections between the hardwood and the

“real world” and how easily success on the court can be translated to success in life. A virtual basketball player is unstoppable with unlimited potential.. the same is true for a virtual individual.

The Game After the Game: A player’s perspective of  Virtual Play applied outside the Hardwood.  By Jordan Hamilton (Lehigh University)

When I began “virtual” training 7 years ago, I had the simple goal of improving my basketball game.   I had no idea I would be  able to accomplish so much on and off the court.  In fact, I’m in the process of  turning a lifelong dream(s) into reality. My success in basketball can be quantified though numerous athletic  awards and a  Division 1 scholarship. My scholastic awards speak for themselves.  However, it’s hard to quantify how much I’ve changed as a person. The countless hours I’ve spent in the gym programming inside of virtual play is why I’ve gotten where I have in basketball and why I believe I will end up where I want to go in life. Much of “The Virtual Player’s Blog” focuses on virtual play in the context of basketball. I intend to take a step back and look at  how “going virtual” has taken my life game  to another level.

Becoming a virtual player has been the most challenging task I have undertaken, and one I have yet to complete. The difficulty lies in working inside the small details of complete functions. These small parts – each mathematically efficient,  are compounded together to create powerful default settings for successful play or on the everyday level- modes of conduct. The required understanding of how each part contributes to the effectiveness of the whole and greater picture is what makes virtual play difficult, but also superior to any other form of skill development I’ve experienced.

Virtual play  forces you to accept , internalize, and execute specific information. This process demands  extreme focus (in order to stay present  against the emotional distraction of the brain while dealing with  material that has not already been programmed into the system).  Each rep  must be analyzed  and necessary adjustments  must follow. Perfect reps are difficult to come by and lack of emotional control further inhibits growth.

The good news is, with each perfect rep comes development and  a strong sense of confidence and empowerment to do anything.  As long as I’m willing to work on the right things, it  gives me a huge boost on the court and a tremendous edge in the classroom.  Of course, no one has command over each area, but through programming, proficiency will improve at a rapid rate.  I’ve found these skills to be useful in every area of my life – including  relationships and daily interactions.

My Journey as a virtual player has been rewarding beyond belief.  I’m winning the greatest battle of all: the battle over the mind. Over the years I’ve steadily surpassed my peers  and  believe no obstacle is too great. I continue to improve technically and emotionally while others seem to mostly maintain or improve only physically.   I recommend exploring the world of virtual play for anyone looking for an edge in basketball and a model for successful life. Virtual play has changed my life forever and for the better.


It has been a long and windy road to arrive at this point in my journey. Feeling blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love and spread soulful joy through the medium of basketball. Thank you for all that supported and believed in me along the way especially Troy Miles whose patience, knowledge, and powerful presence taught me how to play and live as a VP.

First pro contract:

J Ham Signing

Suggested link: Virtual Journey (Jordan Hamilton) 

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Enter the Basketball Matrix?

Posted in New Posts, News on June 29th, 2010 by Troy Miles

This is the dawn of the new  basketball vanguard. “The  Virtual Game…” will usher in a new understanding of prowess, objective and expectation.  I hope the articles to date have moved you at least closer towards the world of Virtual Play and the realm of optimization.

Welcome to the basketball matrix.  Here ultimate technique meets artistic expression. As a Virtual Player, you are bound only by perfection and emotion. Actualization as a Virtual Player occurs when you have mastered the art of allowing yourself to demonstrate the full gamut of your skill sets in the moment of exchange.

The road to virtual actualization is an arduous journey. It is truly the road less traveled. It takes incredible brainpower and discipline to deal with the rigors of programming and development: Man vs. Brain is the main event in an emotional “super fight.” So few stay the path as the stress and strain of change becomes too difficult and the process outweighs the passion and resolve of the individual. It is understandable. A Virtual Player is a rare treasure and like the most precious stone, the product of proper pressure, focus and time. Pressure to improve steadily. Focus on the right materials. And time to make it all happen.

May this material be a new testament for a new

millennium player

VP’s objectives for play are governed by net result and outcomes. Success is based on established default settings for optimal performance and extreme focus. VP’s mental make-up is one of emotional control. This control is rooted in the ability to withstand the toll of programming – interjecting commands to forge positive reps and acquire skill. VP’s realize they are greater than the brain and can exercise dominion through hyper-focus and a calm assertive mind. This mastery of the brain game will stand as a purposeful model of understanding advancement for whatever else in life.

As a VP you function as a viable component of any system.  You understand that it takes the right inputs for the right outputs and are machine-like in your approach. Intellectually you process the action of the game frame-by-frame, as if driving through an uncontrolled intersection: quick to assess and ready to act. This ability makes you an outstanding decision-maker even under duress. In fact, the more pressure you are subjected to, the closer you will move toward your defaults for clean play and performance. You fully embrace the law of leadership and work to preserve your offensive advantage to be first.  Your mission defensively is to “SCHOOL” your opponent and protect the “Queen” by any legal means necessary.

You are supremely confident, and your purpose and resolve is unshakable. You evoke the ire of inferior competition and the nodded respect of other true players. Purists will revel in the “basicology” of your play. However you must accept the reality and responsibility of continuously impacting others both positively and negatively. People’s perceptions of you as a player and person will be in constant flux as they attempt to balance your ability with their ego. Still, you must continue working to minimize negative impacts involving those in your environment who cannot comprehend your prowess or processes. Your sole goal is chartable growth at all times.

Technology will forever change. You must adapt to these changes or be prepared to fall short of your objectives.

Be gracious in victory and honorable in defeat. You are a Virtual artist who respects the game and others who play it. Above all, you respect yourself enough to register and accept optimization where you may find it. Grow in the game like you will play forever. Play like it is your last opportunity to perform —  “The Virtual Game of Basketball”

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