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Virtual Journey (John Allen) Part 2: “The Wizard” of Sam Carver

Posted in New Posts, News on April 2nd, 2013 by Troy Miles

JA All-Merican

 John Allen DII First Team All-American

The scariest thing (for opponents) is John Allen STILL has mega room to grow… and he knows it.  As is…he’s a cold ass honky (the best one in the country for sure), BUT… he has loftier goals.

He’s CP2 (too), yet he’s still in college.  The better he gets, the  hungrier he seems to get.  He embodies the spirit of CQI and E5M: Continuous Quality Improvements and growth (at your craft) Every 5 Minutes.

He’s far better than he was last year when he led his team to the national championship. He’s much better than he was at the beginning of the season, when Coach K called him one of the best players in the country. Quite honestly, he’s much better than he was a month ago when he scored a dizzying 32 points before going  to the bench for good with 15 plus minutes left on the game clock.. Dayuum!

Possession by possession, John may be the best PG in all of  college basketball–although you can grab ESPN worthy highlights of him from every game he’s played this season.

The road has not been easy for him, but now he’s sure nothing is going to stop him. He came to me a very talented player, yet still there were changes he needed to make in order to bring his dreams into fruition. Inner and overstand…“It is a tough task to make changes to your system. You must invest in your self whole-heartedly. It will cost you literally thousands of reps (of the right stuff) to create proper defaults and emotional resolve for consistent quality performances.  The bottom line: You must pay to play in a special way. Everyone wants to, but who actually gets to?” 

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John in Tears (sad)

I am impressed by him, humbled by him and honored by him… (he’s dealt with more BS in his own environment {@Western} than anyone would ever believe)–especially for an All-American player and kid. However, despite the inner turmoil (which can happen expected with such a talent heavy unit and a rookie head coach){smh}, John kept his head enough to lead his team to 30 straight victories over two seasons and another Final Four experience.


(In my Flava Flav voice)

He is a true ambassador of Virtual Play. A PG Extraordinaire, affectionately known as “The Wizard”.  I’m super excited to see what’s next for him. Stayed tuned!

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