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Battle For Seattle

Posted in New Posts, News on December 14th, 2012 by Troy Miles

A Division I basketball school in Seattle should thrive perennially- especially as a member of the Pac 12. Lorenzo has basically done that and redefined what success means for UW basketball.

Think about all the major things he’s done and the bevy of talent to roll through since he’s been back on the block. What about all the terrific things we have given him credit for over the years… HE’S STILL HIM. He has won and electrified Montlake in the process . As a result he’s created a very high expectation model–which is great, as long as it can be lived up to . 

With a few tweaks, UW could be a national power. Without them they will remain an enigma, tantalizing fans with what could be or have been.

The first tweak is obvious. UW must land the top players in Western Washington (I didn’t even say state), at least every other year. Obviously, compound years would be an incredible boost. Naturally, Cameron (Dollar) is thinking the same thing up the street at Seattle University -in fact he made it a mission. Fortunately (for UW or SU)-depending on what side you’re on, they both have similar issues.

Why wouldn’t a kid want to stay home and follow in the footsteps of former Seattle area stars who made there way to the UW or SU enroute to NBA careers? In Seattle U’s case, why wouldn’t an area star want to be the one to bring back the glory days of a storied past? The top players in the area should be kicking the doors down to stay home and play for a  Pac 12 school or  for the chance to play games at key arena, (SU’s presentation is awesome).  What’s the deal?

I’m glad you asked… leads me to the second and third tweaks. The relationship between the two should be obvious. I believe kids (coaches around here) aren’t confident that UW or SU has the systems in place for top notch player development or refinement.

Looking closer, of course kids are developing (to a degree) inside both systems. BUT (and this is a huuuge but), are their respective players developing to a noticeable degree physically, technically, intellectually and emotionally? Are UW or SU “Virtual” or “Clean” environments– from a systems or machine-like-in-efficiency approach? Hmmm…Are the prevailing beliefs that these programs ARE developing players (beyond the personal skill sets they arrived with).

 I believe that answer is NO!

THIS HAS TO CHANGE.…or Peyton “nexts” will sign elsewhere, just like this years cream (of the crop).

I always scratch my head when a kid doesn’t want to play for Lorenzo. Lorenzo is easy to adore– a mentors mentor AND  he’s done everything he’s wanted to do in basketball so far. I’m guessing (barely) he’ll coach in the NBA some day.

I will say–in UW’s case, Aziz and Gaddy could be and should be better. Tone came and left without developing in critical areas. Did Spencer really get better? Would Martell really have been better off (of course, maybe)? Are guys at Seattle U getting better and better? Wouldn’t it be nice (for both programs) if the answer was without question? BTW, whatever happened to Charles Garcia?


Both program just need those tweaks.

The player’s need greater refinement as individuals and the team’s could use a bit more as a group. No doubting Coach Romar brings in quality athletes. Now if they were only demonstrating a bit more fundamentally as a group, they wouldn’t lose to Albanys at home.  UW could use a systems analytic– quick fast and in a hurry.

This person could just tidy things up a bit and in the process save UW basketball (as you know it) and spring SU to life. This person could help all the players be machine-like in efficiency across their entire scopes of play one, and two, add “little things” to make (whatever) schemes in play more effective.

Simply, both programs need a TWEAKER DUDE!

Believe me Husky nation, dumping Romar IS NOT THE ANSWER  to the present woes (have you forgotten the list of forgettable coaches sandwiched between he and Harshman).  Adding someone who can help implement the “little things” just mentioned is. This would undoubtedly add confidence to the players, make top area recruits (at least) salivate for that, and keep the fanbase drooling Purple…. or Red.

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