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Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With Virtual Play

Posted in New Posts, News on December 11th, 2012 by Troy Miles

You’re beginning to notice there’s something about this Virtual Play stuff (Can’t quite put your finger on it?). Yet something draws you to it–especially if you’ve been anywhere near enough to witness its impact on players firsthand. More and more people are discovering the benefits of Virtual Play as a martial arts form of basketball. Organized optimization is becoming the blueprint for the new millennium player.

“Troy Miles knows what he is talking about people. The lessons you can learn from him personally, the Virtual Game of Basketball blogs and the book will not only benefit you on the court, but off. You may be thinking “does this stuff really work?”, well as a former D-I athlete who spent hours in the gym with Troy I can personally tell you it does work, and it works really well…”

Garrison Carr –Former Patriot League MVP



The word is steadily getting out there. Book sales have risen dramatically since the summer and quietly I’ve sold books in 23 countries. Still, I’m expecting “The Virtual Game of Basketball” to be the #1 basketball book on the planet. It’s the way…at least a way to a quantum leap forward as a ball player–even if your a top player.

It’s starting to sink in to those in the immediate “Virtual” vicinity. Other players and coaches are starting to recognize that there’s something different about a Virtual Player (VP). No way around the fact that, whoever embraces  the principles of Virtually seems to get waaaaay better– rather quickly. 

VP John “Noog” Allen is a basketball hybrid

The list of witnesses is growing every demonstration second. The feedback  is incredible, especially since it’s hard (emotionally) for players to give other players credit.  Deep down everyone wants to be that “guy” or “gal”.  Giving outside credit can feel like a  takeaway to people’s personal success  aspirations (?). Pumping other players generally happens when people feel absolutely certain about being the “one”.

Usually by the time people NOTICE someone else’s growth, that person has gotten more than a just little bit better. It’s understandable, right? Who has time to report on the marginal growth of the “next” person, unless it’s to make that person or others understand that’s ALL it was (laughs).

The truth is “chartable” growth is hard to come by.  Most everyone desperately wants its.  Very few get it, despite sports being full of hard workers.  All these people need is the right information. However, most aren’t provided with the answers to get beyond the competition. Many never seem to change directions and keep exploring the SAME channels looking for something DIFFERENT that will work. So unwittingly,  inaction (same routine) and distraction (same rhetoric) become the main attractions.

I’m not sure, but I think this means, IGNORANCE may be King and Queen and shying away from what’s different or new becomes the theme.  This  deems that  every attempt at change lies inside the “box”, even when what’s inside the box doesn’t seem to satisfy the dream. Individuals stay right there doing the same things; reaching out to the same screams, looking for the cure… (?)  As you’re reading this, is the definition of crazy playing steadily over  the loud-speaker in your brain?  #StayScopin’andOpen!

What are the chances of randomly acquiring the necessary skill sets to become a top player? As a result, “stars” are rare.  That means most players are in desperate need of the right information or materials to become the diamond of their dreams…

For some of you time has run out on your hoop dreams. You wanted that for yourself, but SOMEHOW didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t take advantage of it.  Don’t beat yourself up too badly, most people in life are stuck in some sort of box.  They key is:  “…accept and register optimization where you can find it…” as you move forward.

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People generally have to be drug out of their existing box (to something new). Have you noticed we usually watch movies or read books we’re interested in when someone else validates them. It’s not a bad thing necessarily, that’s just the way most people are. Same goes for food. People will drive by a restaurant  a thousand times, until somebody else says it’s okay to go in…..” Hey man, that restaurant is delicious.”  Why do you think McDonald’s is so quick to tell you it has served over a billion idiots (who love it).  They were smart enough to know you couldn’t possibly get out of the box (of NOT going to McDonald’s) without some clown (literally) telling you it was “cool”.

Even if you haven’t heard of “Virtual Play” per se, you may have noticed the influx of  foreign players into basketball–especially the NBA. Why do you think this is happening?  Is it that everyone finally got fed up with the league being predominately Black… maybe (lol), but mostly owners just want to win and make money baby.  Ok! The jazz want to win with as many white guys as possible (jokes), but for the most part teams are looking for the best sane players they can find.  So many of the foreign players are “Clean”.  That’s what Virtuality is all about.

The crazy thing is you look at these foreign players and you think you’re better. You  feel superior physically and at least as good in the “other” areas. The craziest thing is you’ll still be thinking that even after Utah or the TWolves win the championship five white guys deep.

Save yourself some trouble:


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