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What Now? (Journey For Growth & Development)

Posted in New Posts, News on October 8th, 2012 by Troy Miles

So you’ve hit a plateau and don’t quite know where to go? Well it’s not as bad for you as it is a pro… trust me, I know. 


As a youngster I never quite understood when I would see a martial artist in the park going through exercises in slow motion. I thought, “He’ll never fight in slow motion”. Fortunately I understand now that it is less about the speed at which you train and more about the precision of technique in each frame of movement.

Although I have been attached to the game for a lifetime, an injury forced me to see the game in terms of economy and strategy of movement as the rule. That changed my literal vision of the game to the point of being able to break the action (of play) down frame-by-frame with or without film. As I delved more deeply into that school of thought, I began to register less noticeable, yet highly efficient qualities of those who consistently played well. It changed my paradigm of who actually played well.

Eventually it became clear that top players generally have the same math of play or do the same things-at least physically and technically. This means that there IS a common “Clean” of operation in terms of mathematical precision. Many of these players are not aware of the mathematical realities of their actions. My mission is to help players to not only become machine-like in their physical and technical approach to the game , but also in their processing of play, application of skill sets and awareness of self.

I teach “Virtual Play“ which is essentially the martial arts of basketball. I break the game into digestible parts for players to “program” into their systems. “Programming” is perhaps the most powerful aspect of Virtual Play. It helps players understand their emotional relationship to new information and how to systematically manage those forces to maximize growth and development.  My book  (The Virtual Game of Basketball) explains this further. These principles absolutely help players become better prepared for learning.

In terms of being machine-like:


The constant pursuit of what is optimal or most efficient forces players to focus on the 100th percentile of whatever (particular) function. This is dynamic for growth and a powerful mechanism for evaluation- especially for top level players. Many pros haven’t had a “real” opportunity to improve in a technically “chartible”, 360 degree manner in years. They typically improve more physically and become a bit wiser in their application. Regardless of where a player is, the process of growth through “Virtual” means can be continuous and substantial!

The truth is… the higher you progress up the scale as a player, let’s say level 40, 50 or beyond, the harder it will be to find people to help you.  At the professional level, players (at level 70 or higher) have an even  tougher time finding opportunities to get better. It’s tough because “everybody” has a workout to share, but not necessarily a sound model for continuous “chartible” growth…” —The Virtual Game of Basketball

My uncommon methods will absolutely raise and refine the physical, technical, intellectual and emotional skill-set of ANY player.  Moreover, it will prepare anyone for ANY style of play. “Virtual Play is the past , present and future of basketball.  I guarantee it will positively impact your player development efforts -immediately and continuously.

 This is What I Can Do!


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