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What Now? (Journey For Growth & Development)

Posted in New Posts, News on October 8th, 2012 by Troy Miles

So you’ve hit a plateau and don’t quite know where to go? Well it’s not as bad for you as it is a pro… trust me, I know. 


As a youngster I never quite understood when I would see a martial artist in the park going through exercises in slow motion. I thought, “He’ll never fight in slow motion”. Fortunately I understand now that it is less about the speed at which you train and more about the precision of technique in each frame of movement.

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Keep On Movin’

Posted in New Posts, News on January 10th, 2011 by Troy Miles

Wow…it truly has been a whirlwind of a break. I’m sure you noticed that I took some time off  from blogging. I can say with certainty it was not a matter of running out of things to say or of not being properly motivated to write. Please believe that I remain as passionate as ever to share the message on my journey to “Virtual” nirvana, and still find extreme joy in pushin’ people forward.

The down time was merely a strategic ploy to grant  my readership an opportunity to revisit each post and marinate in the message (lol).  Actually, the  shift of energies was necessary to promote  the release of “The Virtual Game of Basketball”  and establish a “Virtual” speaking tour.  Ah…. What joy in Mudville!


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Lower For Higher

Posted in New Posts, News on September 17th, 2010 by Troy Miles

Congratulations to the Seattle Storm, the 2010 WNBA World Champions.seattle_storm Whoooooooooooooohuuuy! Go Ladies, you’ve turned the sports world on its ear.   Well, given the fact you went the entire season undefeated at home and swept through the playoffs undefeated, you should have- but I’m not sure that is the case.

But why not?  It is true the W of the NBA stands for a purer version of play relative to their W-less counterparts (the men’s game). But it’s also true, the physical aesthetics and quasi-And 1 presentation of the men’s game, makes it (for the average fan) more enjoyable to watch. On the surface, the female game seems  to lack the hyper-athleticism necessary to keep a highlight-hungry fan base on the edge of their seats. However, a closer look reveals a great deal of acrobatic activity in the women’s game, but it goes without notice because the game (outside of an occasional above the rim assault) is still played below the basket.

I’ve theorized for years that lowering the basket in the women’s game would revolutionize the sport – at least from a marketing standpoint. In conjunction with clean fundamental play,  we’d also be able to see varying degrees of athleticism amongst the women. Eventually, Doctor J and MJ like figures would emerge replete with “high-flying” and memorable facials just like the fellas.

The game would capture the imagination of the”average” fan–who seem to  need that type of entertainment to be happy. Revenues would soar.  A new generation of lady hoopers would become instantaneous “baller$”, as endorsements deals would keep pace with burgeoning contracts for coaches and players.

Of course, with a new lease on the highlight life, the women’s game would eventually suffer the same maladies as the men’s game-from a purist or Hi-sci (highly scientific) standpoint.

Young girls will become enamored with dunking ( just like the boys) and pin-point shooting and fundamental applications in  play will become “old” school, sooner rather than later perhaps.

What the heck… at some point the game will transition on its own anyway—right?  SoOh….why not lower the basket for higher appeal now and get that transition over with already? After all, it’s a small price to pay for entry into the “big-time”, with an expanded fan and salary base for everybody (?)

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Give ’em the Rhythm

Posted in New Posts, News on August 13th, 2010 by Troy Miles

The rhythm is the beat and perhaps the most important element in music.  It drives the players forward. It can be even or uneven, steady or unsteady, but always has a certain tempo.  Basketball, just as in music, demands that you be in tune to the rhythm of the game in every circumstance of play.  Understanding when to be fast or when to be slow allows you to operate freely inside your skill sets, yet in harmony with other individuals and the overall game action- just like jazz players or other musicians at the Symphony, perhaps.

Gustavo Dudamel

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Enter the Basketball Matrix?

Posted in New Posts, News on June 29th, 2010 by Troy Miles

This is the dawn of the new  basketball vanguard. “The  Virtual Game…” will usher in a new understanding of prowess, objective and expectation.  I hope the articles to date have moved you at least closer towards the world of Virtual Play and the realm of optimization.

Welcome to the basketball matrix.  Here ultimate technique meets artistic expression. As a Virtual Player, you are bound only by perfection and emotion. Actualization as a Virtual Player occurs when you have mastered the art of allowing yourself to demonstrate the full gamut of your skill sets in the moment of exchange.

The road to virtual actualization is an arduous journey. It is truly the road less traveled. It takes incredible brainpower and discipline to deal with the rigors of programming and development: Man vs. Brain is the main event in an emotional “super fight.” So few stay the path as the stress and strain of change becomes too difficult and the process outweighs the passion and resolve of the individual. It is understandable. A Virtual Player is a rare treasure and like the most precious stone, the product of proper pressure, focus and time. Pressure to improve steadily. Focus on the right materials. And time to make it all happen.

May this material be a new testament for a new

millennium player

VP’s objectives for play are governed by net result and outcomes. Success is based on established default settings for optimal performance and extreme focus. VP’s mental make-up is one of emotional control. This control is rooted in the ability to withstand the toll of programming – interjecting commands to forge positive reps and acquire skill. VP’s realize they are greater than the brain and can exercise dominion through hyper-focus and a calm assertive mind. This mastery of the brain game will stand as a purposeful model of understanding advancement for whatever else in life.

As a VP you function as a viable component of any system.  You understand that it takes the right inputs for the right outputs and are machine-like in your approach. Intellectually you process the action of the game frame-by-frame, as if driving through an uncontrolled intersection: quick to assess and ready to act. This ability makes you an outstanding decision-maker even under duress. In fact, the more pressure you are subjected to, the closer you will move toward your defaults for clean play and performance. You fully embrace the law of leadership and work to preserve your offensive advantage to be first.  Your mission defensively is to “SCHOOL” your opponent and protect the “Queen” by any legal means necessary.

You are supremely confident, and your purpose and resolve is unshakable. You evoke the ire of inferior competition and the nodded respect of other true players. Purists will revel in the “basicology” of your play. However you must accept the reality and responsibility of continuously impacting others both positively and negatively. People’s perceptions of you as a player and person will be in constant flux as they attempt to balance your ability with their ego. Still, you must continue working to minimize negative impacts involving those in your environment who cannot comprehend your prowess or processes. Your sole goal is chartable growth at all times.

Technology will forever change. You must adapt to these changes or be prepared to fall short of your objectives.

Be gracious in victory and honorable in defeat. You are a Virtual artist who respects the game and others who play it. Above all, you respect yourself enough to register and accept optimization where you may find it. Grow in the game like you will play forever. Play like it is your last opportunity to perform —  “The Virtual Game of Basketball”

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