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Keep On Movin’

Posted in New Posts, News on January 10th, 2011 by Troy Miles

Wow…it truly has been a whirlwind of a break. I’m sure you noticed that I took some time off  from blogging. I can say with certainty it was not a matter of running out of things to say or of not being properly motivated to write. Please believe that I remain as passionate as ever to share the message on my journey to “Virtual” nirvana, and still find extreme joy in pushin’ people forward.

The down time was merely a strategic ploy to grant  my readership an opportunity to revisit each post and marinate in the message (lol).  Actually, the  shift of energies was necessary to promote  the release of “The Virtual Game of Basketball”  and establish a “Virtual” speaking tour.  Ah…. What joy in Mudville!


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What Little Things Bring

Posted in New Posts, News on November 27th, 2010 by Troy Miles

Power of Confidence

Staying on top of performance is based on staying on top of the details. Don’t guess what to do, watch what to do (” A  is the Answer”).  Early vision and anticipation speed up processing (of play) and give you more time to operate (perceptively). More time to operate bolsters sound decision making (exponentially) and makes it easier to execute. Easier execution increases production and positive plays. Positive plays breed confidence and expectation (of certain things to happen-based on your actions).

In essence, expectation gives you power over your performance. Beyond confidence, it fosters self-assuredness (of actions), which allows you freedom to access your skill sets on demand and operate inside your higher self.  This not only makes you “environment proof”, but consistently more valuable to your team as well.


Distraction is the labyrinth to your skills sets


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C.A.M. You Digg It?!

Posted in New Posts, News on November 14th, 2010 by Troy Miles


 horses (CAM

  The mind must contain the horses of the brain.  

The brain can take you where you want to go, but can also take you other places not so pleasant. The lesson? YOU must show the brain the way to have things go your way.  This is something you can’t ignore.

 ( “Listen to the Message”)

Alas, the brain is but a tool and fear its great inhibitor,  tis why for gain, the rule for you is to steer nerves to the perimeter… and show them the door.

How else can you absorb the distractions, noise and summon the poise to perform on the floor. What’s more, you must be environment proof (whatever the scoop) or your skills too can go poof … and so can minutes. Getting them back … a helluva chore.

Only be scared if you’re not prepared. Even then fight to win. But, if you know what to do, then  you gotta break through the shackles of doubt and continue to deliver what’s on the menu.  Anything less than 130% of self MUST NOT CONTINUE.  What’s all the work for?

It’s C.A.M. (Calm Assertive Mind) … THAT’S THE PLAN.

Inside you’ll find the keys to unwind and relax perhaps. Especially when there’s chips to stack and circumstances to smack. Put “i n” to it , if you’re tense and get intense. Instead of  allowing brain tricks, do a brain shift. Change the F in fear to G and let your mind ride free of indecision and apprehension. They’re a no-win proposition  and usually around when performance is poor.

Oh, by the way did I mention…


Confidence is the key to your tool box, fear and it’s sphere of doubt are the locks.  So get inside yourself to find wealth (“What You See… Is What You Get”). Without it it’s tough for jocks to tick-tock and see clock. Forget about the crowd roar.


I know I’ve said nothing you haven’t heard before. There’s nothing new Son… especially under the basketball Sun. But things are always changing. And how you adjust to the constant flux will determine which reality you land on.

I implore you to employ all you have in store to sip from the cup of joy.


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No One Cares If It Ain’t Fair

Posted in New Posts, News on October 29th, 2010 by Troy Miles

Let’s be honest.  Not all coaches are fair. They all seem to want to win, but some are hell- bent on winning a certain way, and that may or may not include your services– in the beginning. Sometimes no matter how well you perform, coaches- especially at the college or pro level or any situation where they have a plethora of options, may not play you … just because. You choose it. He may not like something about your game, something about you, or whatever. It really could be… just because? SMH

I personally believe that coaches who don’t allow the players to decide who plays (based on their play), should be lined  up and exterminated.  It goes against the true spirit of competition and our american principles. It’s beyond wrong – but it happens all the time. And worse, everyone seems to stand idly by and let it happen.

The answer, if you find yourself “caught up”…

Resist the urge to whine to that seemingly sympathetic ear. Your teammates- and others want to support you (usually), but in reality they’re  singularly focused on their own circumstance. The assistant coaches will give  you the good cop, bad cop (head coach) routine. Uggh! (Remain pleasant).

However, the only real way to change your circumstance is to continue to demonstrate (every second) what you’re capable of and by maintaining a positive and supremely joyous attitude.  If you truly deserve to play, everyone knows it- including the head coach.

There’s usually some block (rational or irrational) in the mind of a coach who doesn’t play a person who deserves to play.  Remaining positive and gracious will eventually allow him or her to save face when your play demands that you be included- if only to preserve the integrity of the group. If you keep performing, something will give and sooner than it seems while your caught up in it (not playing).

Once the paradigm shift happens  and the coaches’ perception of you changes, he’ll (if only privately)  have a greater amount of respect for you and will typically be better able to evaluate you at face value. Equally important, he will eventually allow you to flourish according to your capabilities… and deservedly so!

So let’s clear the air.  No one cares if it ain’t fair. So in order to fare well, you’ll have to handle your circumstance well.  Don’t dwell on the negative.  Give all that you’ve got to get it done and cold-filter the rest (of the BS).  Trust me… I’ve been there!

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Are You Hoopin’ or Hopin’?

Posted in New Posts, News on August 3rd, 2010 by Troy Miles

Tragically many players stand around watching (spotting up) or waiting for their turn to get the ball ?!! Is it the mission of the other players to get you the ball?

Overton receiving the Ball by johncuthbert43.


Venoy Overton receives a “quality touch”?

If you’re not open,  you’re only hopin’ – to get the ball.  Being kinda open won’t cut it either.  Get yourself obviously open or don’t  expect to get the rock… especially  amongst top players. Read more »

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