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Above the Crowd

Posted in New Posts, News on July 16th, 2011 by Troy Miles

How can you move the crowd? First of all how has your game evolved. Unless you standout during play (most every time out), your standing doesn’t lie in the company of top players.

Standing out against top players in basketball may perhaps be tougher than finding a needle in the mountains of Afghanistan or a doomsday leader hiding down the street from a military base in Pakistan.However, decisively less of a challenge with some type of guide that can get you there. Trouble is most players (particularly Do-Howers) aren’t too interested in any directions or road maps. They’re generally convinced they know how to get there — if they don’t already “know”…  in their own brain.  Trust me on this one (phff)…that’s the wrong know how.


“The Virtual Game of Basketball” is the Martial Arts of basketball. On this virtual journey I’ve been able to discover and chronicle all the things necessary to absolutely dominate your opponent in a basic way, yet look spectacular doing so. It’s simply a collection of the optimal maneuvers of the game, broken down to the nth degree for the average I.Q’d person to understand.

For several years I’ve watched to find what things (physical and technical) created advantages during play. These observations have revealed that most of the players- that can “play”, manipulate in the same fashion mathematically– both technically and physically.  If you’ve ever seen the show Sports Science… you know what I’m referring to. As a matter of fact, the top players typically execute with an even “cleaner”  version of math–which explains why the top player is not always the most physical performer.  The more technical the performer, the less physicality required to be successful.

I was watching a college summer league game recently and marveled not at how often virtual things came up, but how there was no ONE virtual player on any of the teams I saw. Several players did technically precise things… but only in snippets.  A virtual play here, a virtual play there, but no one person doing virtual things all the time or by way of  their defaults (on purpose). It’s agonizing watching talented athletes unaware of their defaults, let alone optimizing them.  Sadly it’s a tragedy that hasn’t played itself out yet, but sure to come (if they’re trying to get to the highest level).  DO-HOW WITHOUT KNOW-HOW (AT BASE OR INTENTIONAL ACT LEVEL)

The crazy thing is, any player with consistent optimal defaults is that dude or dudette- regardless of size or athleticism. Add physicality to the mix, it’s a rap. Do-how with “virtual” know -how is deadly. 

Skill vs. Will 

Some individuals have a fair amount of  skill set, but not enough “will-set”. Will-set starts with how you feel about yourself and what type of outcome you expect to have. Once a person with a healthy amount of will-set establishes  or projects a certain (positive) outcome (gets comfortable), they fight like crazy to see it through to fruition. Some have the will-set, but have far less skill set than they would ever believe. The truth is both are necessary for consistent performance

Some players have the right skill-sets, yet fail to develop the right nuances (modes of conduct).  They seem to have difficulty implementing their abilities into play. Lacking the right nuances or little things  may not even be your fault, but at the end of the basketball day everything comes down to what defaults you put on display. IF YOU DON’T SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW… WHO CARES WHAT YOU KNOW?


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