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Sci-Fi or Hi-Sci (Highly Scientific)?

Posted in New Posts, News on April 11th, 2011 by Troy Miles

As unbelievable as it seems, a new way of understanding basketball is amongst us.  It’s not of dreams, but  a new frontier replete with incredible displays of power, speed and technical application.


Virtual Play (click) is the name- a different basketball genre is the game.

Virtual Play is a real-life app for creating matrix-like outcomes on the court for experienced VPers and instant positive change for beginners. It’s where technical acuity, precise application and a Calm Assertive Mind (CAM) can transcend what seems possible. The truth is Virtual Play is a collection of  basketball functions and operations based on core fundamentals, including those of math and physics. To be Virtual is to be machine-like (in efficiency) across all your basketball functions – physical, technical, intellectual, and (as a human) emotional.

Great care goes into the design of any well crafted machine. With proper structural design and precise application of functions, machines can be durable, efficient and highly productive- Virtual Players are no different.  VP’s are programmed in proper body mechanics, optimal development of their skill sets and most importantly – the manner in which they process play and apply skill sets. Some in this game have an aversion to this new age proclamation. It’s just too hard (seemingly) to break free of the programmed ways of thinking.  I get it -trust me!

Just as in the Matrix (movie), it’s eerie how millions are stuck in the petri dishes of their old ways of understanding. Many are desperately trying just to master that realm. So such a virtual leap forward is hard to comprehend – especially when it involves traveling backwards into the circuitry of the game to find the portal to a new place. Most modern players (at least american players) aren’t too interested in what’s basic any more.  The D0-How Age has all but been the  NBA death for white-american players and international embarrassment for our “Dream-teamers” .  See: “Dream Team… American Nightmare?” and   “Where Did He Go?”

However, that does not change the fact, the players having the most consistent success in the game do Virtual things and for the most part, have the same math of play. See:  “Virtual Player’s of the NBA” . Morevover, the best of the best are typically highly virtual-particularly those less than super-freak athletes. Highly Virtual players “wheel of Function” is full of the optimal way to do things. I’ve seen the effect of Virtual Play firsthand.  I’ve had students with very little talent put the time in and transform their basketball circumstance.  I’ve also had talented players who have put in  little time and yet witnessed major improvements. Virtual Play adds instantly to whomever is exposed to it’s principles. At the very least, it provides an awareness not dissimilar to the “blue pill”; or in basketball or laymen’s terms… changes everything.

Still, there are players who do virtual things, yet aren’t aware or fully automated-which in the end  equates to less than consisent domination (if any at all).  So wherever you lie on the spectrum of Virtuality… that’s where you are. The truth is, any type of stress (performance situation), will generally push you towards your defaults (setting) for exchange- whatever they are.  One day the american basketball model will shift into the Virtual realm as a base for play.   Until then, as I said earlier, I understand the trepidation.

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