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How Far is LeBron?

Posted in New Posts, News on October 19th, 2011 by Troy Miles

LeBron James is one of the baddest cats on the basketball planet, and perhaps the best teammate in the game– period . You could even argue he is the greatest player we’ve ever seen–with so much cap space (room to grow).

Yet as super basketball human as he is, LeBron has glaring weaknesses in his game. Read more »

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Sci-Fi or Hi-Sci (Highly Scientific)?

Posted in New Posts, News on April 11th, 2011 by Troy Miles

As unbelievable as it seems, a new way of understanding basketball is amongst us.  It’s not of dreams, but  a new frontier replete with incredible displays of power, speed and technical application.


Virtual Play (click) is the name- a different basketball genre is the game.

Virtual Play is a real-life app for creating matrix-like outcomes on the court for experienced VPers and instant positive change for beginners. It’s where technical acuity, precise application and a Calm Assertive Mind (CAM) can transcend what seems possible. The truth is Virtual Play is a collection of  basketball functions and operations based on core fundamentals, including those of math and physics. To be Virtual is to be machine-like (in efficiency) across all your basketball functions – physical, technical, intellectual, and (as a human) emotional.

Read more »

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Gritty…not Sh**ty!

Posted in New Posts, News on May 30th, 2010 by Troy Miles

Everybody wants to win. But who really wants to win badly.  Who are the players steadfastly loyal to the team goal of whatever it takes to win (inside the realm of sportsmanship, of course). What a treat to play with or coach players who truly hate to lose and will fight you tooth and nail.  Again, not dirty players, but rather, players who never lose awareness of the nausea of defeat and  are willing to get dirty for a W.

Focus = Grit =Toughness.

… heart and grit are the soul of any player. Some players just have that “thing”:  it is hard to put a finger on or define it, yet it is so easy to recognize. Many times grit is the deciding factor between otherwise equal adversaries.  In fact, a high Grit-factor (G-Factor) raises the other  categories of play  up a notch. Without it you may lose confidence under adversity, experience diminished skills or even the capacity to think clearly.

Everyone at some point has succumbed to pressure and performed poorly. It does not necessarily make you heartless – just human. Coaches tell players to be tough all the time. But what is tough really? What is “hard-nosed”? There are a number of factors that contribute to toughness and fortitude. Attitude and physical prowess are often key components, but grittiness – the ability to hyper-focus 100% on what is necessary for success in each moment of exchange – might be the most important.  As a coach, I demand intensity and intelligence from players, but above all focus.– The Virtual Game of Basketball

Who are the focused ones?  On the verge of the NBA Finals, who are the  remaining players with the highest G-Factors?

1)Kobe Bryant- it’s amazing how driven (willing) he is to carry the burden of a franchise, one tough- shot-made at a time.  As a coach you would prefer higher percentage shots than some of the looks he comes up with , but at the same time no one with any good sense would venture to do anything that would impact his indomitable spirit and incredible belief in self.

2) Paul Pierce- His name speaks for itself… only he spells it with a P instead of an F. One of the fiercest competitors in Celtic history.   He plays angry and expects success whatever the circumstances. He carries himself like the game ball belongs to him, and you’re lucky you get to play… forget about winning (taking his ball home).

Other “G-Men”: no particular order…

Derek Fisher–  Surprise… but I  just shake my head after each big shot this guy makes for his team.  What an unheralded gem (and I’m sure highly appreciated by the Laker Brass)). No wonder his minutes never go away.  He’s not running fast or jumping high, but still quick to put a dagger  deep inside the heart of opponents.

Kevin Garnett–  Kevin is  more hungry (for a title), than gritty, although he does posses a high G-Factor.  KG is the consummate warrior who still must bask in the glory of Celtic greatness to thaw from his cold beginnings in Minnesota.  Got to hand it to players that give only 100% (no excuses) when they’re far below 100% themselves.

Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen – Both focus magicians.  These guys are sticklers to their respective roles.  They both could do more (especially RayRay) but they stay inside the “cut” for the cause.

Also:  Nate Robinson– Forget about his high-flying antics, “Lil’ Him” is tough as nails– G-Factor off the chart and his  Belief in Nate– ridiculous. More than impressive to come off the bench and score a pro-rated 42 pts. in such a pressure packed moment — particularly after sitting so long all playoffs  (I love it).  C’mon…you know he’ll scrap with the PA announcer for the dub.  Hell,  he used a less vicious (mentally) Dwight Howard against himself to win the Slam Dunk Title? I think the Celtic environment will help him mature as a player and be more consistently responsible in every moment of exchange.

Doc and Phil- Both of these coaches would fight you, just like when they played.  Back in Phil’s day guys did fight.  My dad  (his teammate with the Knicks) said he hurt just to bump in to. Phil’s a massive shouldered  bruiser from Montana, with the discipline of a Yogi. His laser like ability to focus on what’s necessary for success  allows him to deal with and  appeal to each individual as part of something greater.

Doc may not be as wise as Phil- yet, but his classy-hyper-intelligent -bully mentality as a player, grooved the perfect disposition to lead perhaps the model(?) organization in all of sports.  I’m sure he plays clips of Bird and Cowens flailing about the Garden.  How else could Rajon have known to posterize Jason Williams with a defensive , offensive gem combo in such a nasty green fashion?

Doc Rivers (right) has the Celtics on the verge of denying Phil Jackson his 10th title.

Above all Doc demands that the C’s play with the wisdom of the Boston Sages past.   Quietly, I think it’s enough to raise yet another banner.  Just don’t let Kobe know… Mamba’s are dangerous.

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Everybody Hovers… Right?

Posted in New Posts, News on May 26th, 2010 by Troy Miles

I am a “hover ” lover. Discovering the advantages of hovering is where being first and creating space happens.

Goran Dragic #2 of the Phoenix Suns drives around Andre Miller #24 of the Portland Trail Blazers during a game on December 17, 2009 at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2009 NBAE

Watch the NBA playoff games and check who’s hovering. PG’s — in particular, Nash , Rondo and Jameer Nelson. Amongst to 2’s Dragic hovers… Ray Allen hovers… JJ Reddick hovers and of course, Kobe hovers.

Rashard and Vince hover, J Rich and Grant Hill hover. Indeed Paul Pierce does as well. KG hovers, Rasheed, Artest; so does Matt Barnes. Damn … it really must be something to the hover.

The hover gives you time to make contrary decisions against your opponent and dictate offensively.

So please… take it from the pros still in the playoff hunt. Every scorer is an adorer of the hover. Whether they know it or not, it just may be the best friend they’ve got.

Watch Goran hover and spin on Derek Fisher 2010 Playoffs


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