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How Slow Can You Go?

Posted in New Posts, News on September 15th, 2011 by Troy Miles

2684997-6464306718-ChrisSlow doesn’t mean SLOW…it means SLOOWER, at least enough to stop ANYTIME after you start your motion  forward.  For starters, effective use of the push (back) and control (front) foot is essential. I talk in greater detail about that in “Foot Control is Quite the Feet”  (Article 2), “We Can Build You” and  “Can You Handle It” in the book- “The Virtual Game of Basketball”

It doesn’t matter whether you happen to use them the right way by chance  or understand how to use them intentionally. In order to control yourself inside each frame of movement you must establish or “ready” your push foot as soon as possible and be prepared to skim your control foot forward through the entire step (prepared to stop instantly– if necessary). Toeing your push foot early gives you much better control than rolling your foot to the toe area. Rolling to a start makes it more difficult to stop your forward movement in small frames. Skimming your foot helps you stop quickly simply because your foot is closer to the ground.

Starting your motion forward doesn’t necessarily mean you’ re going forward– no matter how much energy you put into the early frames or start. Obviously how far you go will depend on the defensive response. So when I say able to stop anytime after you start … I mean able to STOP ANYTIME AFTER YOU START! Whether it’s a whole step, multiples or any fraction of a step, being able to stop quickly is the key to being fast in terms of impact on the defender.

The ability to control yourself (feet) or have awareness of self  in small increments or helps you stay contrary (to the defender) and highly manipulative.  If you’re first to stop,  you’ll also have the opportunity to start first- whether to shoot or continue the threat to go wherever.   -734492b80d57849d

The BL (Bottom Line): The defender should never be able to gauge your stops, starts or true intentions.  Yet you can anticipate there responses. You have the right to operate at a different rhythm (especially with your feet). That’s the beauty of the Law of Leadership. When used properly, this approach keeps the defender off balance just as a quality pitcher changes pitches and speeds to keep the batter guessing.  It actually makes it easier for you to gauge responses to your threats, making it easier to know whether to stop, change or blow by-at a moderate rate.

So… how slow can you go to get there fast?  It certainly takes speed, but that of early-vision, anticipation and intelligent processing… the true lesson for clean manipulation without guessing.                                      

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