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Posted in New Posts, News on August 9th, 2011 by Troy Miles

Welcome to the world of Virtual Play.  I hope you enjoy your visit. Be sure to read the latest articles under NEW POSTS or TOP 25 on the sidebar .

Virtual Player’s Blog is a portal into a basketball place you have not been before.  Even if you reflect the principles to come hence forth,  I will at least make you keenly aware of self.  For those who are in need of optimization (everyone)… let the journey begin.

I can think of no better way to begin than to allow you access to the introduction of the “Virtual Game of Basketball”–

“First and foremost, I’m a teacher. So that’s what I do.
I’ll teach this game to whoever wants to learn.”

Hubie Brown


I humbly share Coach Brown’s sentiments. I invite you on a journey to a basketball place where you might not have been before. Being well versed in the fundamentals is a great and necessary start for effective play. However, the addition of math and physics to your applications will move your game into a different realm. This book is an opportunity for you to become a more capable basketball person: physically, technically, intellectually and emotionally. No matter how well you play or what league you play in, this book will make you more refined in technique and sharper in application. The goal of my instruction is to help you to become machine-like across all of your basketball functions by creating default settings for consistent or automated performance.

The truth is the math and science of the game never changes when it comes to successful play. In fact, most successful players do the same things. Oftentimes these players are not aware of or even concerned with the mathematical or scientific realities of their actions. They have success doing what they do, so they continue to do it. Unfortunately, most players are not so lucky. Think about it. What are the chances of randomly acquiring the necessary skill sets to become a top player? As a result, “stars” are rare. That means most players are in desperate need of the right information or materials to become the diamond of their dreams.

But how do you get there without knowing what you do not know or, worse, not knowing you do not know? What is needed is some sort of guide to help you down the path. The guide could be an individual, reference material or both. The key element is you must thirst for the knowledge and then see the value of working to apply it. Most players just want to go play, which leads us to why diamonds are such a rare occurrence. Playing is important, but only a part of the developmental equation. Diamonds and top-level performers are products of MPT: the right Materials, proper Pressure and ample Time for it all to come together. In basketball terms, MPT equates to: quality coaching and application, challenging competition, and consistent dedication to personal development.

Exposure to the right materials is critical. This is why Virtual Play can take you a quantum leap forward with your game. It represents the basketball matrix, where all elements necessary for maximum outcomes are broken down into digestible parts for you to program or put into your game. Focusing on optimizing every function will boost your performance dramatically.

Virtual Play is the martial arts of basketball. It is the fundamentals, centered on economy and strategy of movement. With Virtual Play you do not have to be the best athlete to be the best player. The only physical requirement is to be an average athlete – if that. With superior technique, you can control physical confrontations without dependency on raw force or speed. Virtual Play allows you to manipulate time and space to manage objects beyond your “normal” physical capacity. Just like in the first Matrix movie (watch it if you get a chance), Neo did not change the speed of the bullets. Instead, he used strategy and economy of movement to manipulate physical circumstances to create an illusion of tremendous speed for the viewer and most importantly, to escape injury.

It is precision of technique and focused vision that allows you to slow the game speed down to make processing the action easier. Precision or “clean” technique eliminates unnecessary movements and other time-costs from your play. Focused vision (which provides early awareness of the immediate circumstance) speeds up anticipation and decision-making skills. This type of time efficiency allows you to operate ahead of the action without having to move fast physically.


In the end, you are the sum of your skills plus your confidence and courage to put them on display. You must face the challenging process of self-development and skill implementation. It requires you to find a way to truly believe in yourself and all that you have put into your system. The book is a tool to help you see it, believe it and ultimately achieve it. Usually when we create a deep enough belief in something, we then have the power to get things done. I hope you find value on those pages to move you forward. They are filled with Information, Demonstration, Explanation and Verification, that what I am offering is a truth. Not the only truth, but a layered and fundamentally sound model for consistent success. I encourage you to read on. I guarantee that this material will help sharpen the most valuable tool in your arsenal: You!

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