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What Little Things Bring

Posted in New Posts, News on November 27th, 2010 by Troy Miles

Power of Confidence

Staying on top of performance is based on staying on top of the details. Don’t guess what to do, watch what to do (” A  is the Answer”).  Early vision and anticipation speed up processing (of play) and give you more time to operate (perceptively). More time to operate bolsters sound decision making (exponentially) and makes it easier to execute. Easier execution increases production and positive plays. Positive plays breed confidence and expectation (of certain things to happen-based on your actions).

In essence, expectation gives you power over your performance. Beyond confidence, it fosters self-assuredness (of actions), which allows you freedom to access your skill sets on demand and operate inside your higher self.  This not only makes you “environment proof”, but consistently more valuable to your team as well.


Distraction is the labyrinth to your skills sets


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