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What Little Things Bring

Posted in New Posts, News on November 27th, 2010 by Troy Miles

Power of Confidence

Staying on top of performance is based on staying on top of the details. Don’t guess what to do, watch what to do (” A  is the Answer”).  Early vision and anticipation speed up processing (of play) and give you more time to operate (perceptively). More time to operate bolsters sound decision making (exponentially) and makes it easier to execute. Easier execution increases production and positive plays. Positive plays breed confidence and expectation (of certain things to happen-based on your actions).

In essence, expectation gives you power over your performance. Beyond confidence, it fosters self-assuredness (of actions), which allows you freedom to access your skill sets on demand and operate inside your higher self.  This not only makes you “environment proof”, but consistently more valuable to your team as well.


Distraction is the labyrinth to your skills sets


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D is Key… If You Ask Me

Posted in New Posts, News on October 19th, 2010 by Troy Miles

When we typically think of a minute, it’s no big deal. Quietly, we give away minutes  everyday. “Ahh.. it’s okay, no problem.”  However, when it comes to sports and competition, a minute (of playing time) is golden.  In fact, getting as many as possible is always way up there on the short list of any true competitor.

Basketball players are no different.  Players are vying for those precious  rotation spots and desired role definitions as I type. Gym shoes are squeaking, elbows are flying as everyone is giving their all to play. Everyone should want to play and  everyone should want to be productive in any manner to help the team … although, I’m sure “scorer” would probably be the most desired description in the lineup.  You’re main concern should be to get out on the floor by any means (role) necessary! Which basically means expanding your value to the team at all times.


If you ask me, D is the key.

It seems fewer people truly understand the science of defense.  How many players today are actually interested in playing it… Tell me the last time you heard of or saw a player stick out his chest and say “I got D”, as a way to represent himself?

“The Virtual Game of Basketball” Learn to take your man to S.C.H.O.O.L defensively

Great defenders are part of the fabric of any successful team. Additionally, establishing yourself  as a bona-fide on-ball defender or a “Carom Scare ’em” of a rebounder, is not only a sure-fire way to make the team, but also a sound strategy to earn minutes- whatever level you play. Fierce defenders manage to keep top offensive players out of rhythm and help to disrupt the overall offensive flow of the other team- which should be the most important defensive key. Rugged rebounders on the other hand, secure and provide extra possessions for their teams.

The strategy for rebounding starts with P&P: Probability and Proximity.  Probability is the summation of facts to determine the likely destination of the ball following a missed shot. Proximity is a strategy for getting as close as you can, as soon as you can, to that location. “The Virtual Game of Basketball”

Ever notice how great  rebounders find themselves on top teams (Lol). Look at this short list of  top rebounders  from throughout history. They’ve all put on championship rings at the professional level.  Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlin, Nate Thurmond, Wes Unseld, Paul Silas, Maurice Lucas, Robert Parrish, Bill Walton, Dennis Rodman, Ben Wallace and I’m sure I missed a few. Sorry Ron Ron!

Dennis Rodman, Chicago Bulls

The truth is, no matter how tough you are as a team on a particular defensive stand, without the rebound you’re still on D.  Key stops  and  rebounds are game changing moments, and the players responsible are “Mo-Men” or momentum changers. Every team needs one… or two.

Shot-blockers fit into this category as well. Terrific shot-blockers can change an offensive scheme  quick, fast and in a hurry.  Ever heard of those “Georgetown Boys” (Patrick Ewing , Dikembe Mutumbo and Alonzo Mourning)?

If rebounding, shot-blocking and on-ball D are not your most distinguishable attributes, you can still earn time as a legitimate “Lane Patrol Officer” (off-ball defender). On duty officers solidify “gap management” (“help” situations) and can come up big with timely steals.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to limit you to the role of “specialist”- far from it. Instead, I’m trying to provide you with a mindset and platform that will give you the opportunity to do many of the things that you’re capable of. I don’t care how much game you got, you can’t express yourself (outside of the cheering capacity) from the bench. Realistically, the differences between capable players is marginal. Therefore you have got to have something about your offering that separates you from the other guy or gal, trying to get in where they fit in.  One or more of these roles, whether primary or secondary could be the difference for you in your circumstance.

IF YOU MAKE IT TO THE FLOOR, there will be opportunities to score and do other things  galore. I’ll say it ’til I’m hoarse…It’s all about doing what you’re coached to do and also doing what you are capable of doing- inside the context of the team strategy–of course. Unfortunately, it’s not at all possible to dial in, until the coach calls your number.  So do ALL you can do to make it to the “favorites” list  on your team, so you too can hear the sweet ringing of your name being called… perhaps over and over again.


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What You See… is What You Get

Posted in New Posts, News, Uncategorized on March 7th, 2010 by Troy Miles

You must believe to achieve success. Without belief performance shifts into the realm of should’ves and could’ves. Without belief even the most talented can fall by the wayside in the moment of truth;  lost in the quagmire of external factors and other superlatives reeking havoc on internal features (skills and mindsets).

When an individual’s skill level is greater  than  his or her self concept, performance is compromised.

To stay balanced (in any field):

KYC (know Your Capacity), KYL (Know Your Limitations), KYE (Know Your Environment)  and of course, KYP (know Your Personnel) 

Understand your strengths to operate inside them–  constantly

There should also be some type of analysis to identify   weaknesses (which is a major strength in itself). After that it’s a matter of  impetus and resolve  to follow through on those improvements. Otherwise– inside the spirit of resistance to change,  delusion( about prowess) sets in (quickly). We all know far too many of these cases.

The ability  to  operate constantly inside your strengths creates expectation (to have success) and develops extra confidence of application (swag). Confidence is the key that opens the door to  skill sets.  It helps you operate in stressful environments and in the face of other detractors/distractions ( negative opinions/feedback, doubters/haters, whatever it looks like).  

You’ve seen performers (maybe you’re one of them) that  seem to be on a mission to conquer the task at hand–period.  These types not only can see themselves perform (in a certain way), they actually saw it done before it started.

This understanding is the product of visualizing or seeing the action in your mind’s eye; which after all, is the precursor to actualizing  or producing performance.

That’s what it’s about … seeing, believing and receiving the fruits of  your labor and talents.

Brain and will power squared

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