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Posted in New Posts, News on January 10th, 2011 by Troy Miles

Wow…it truly has been a whirlwind of a break. I’m sure you noticed that I took some time off  from blogging. I can say with certainty it was not a matter of running out of things to say or of not being properly motivated to write. Please believe that I remain as passionate as ever to share the message on my journey to “Virtual” nirvana, and still find extreme joy in pushin’ people forward.

The down time was merely a strategic ploy to grant  my readership an opportunity to revisit each post and marinate in the message (lol).  Actually, the  shift of energies was necessary to promote  the release of “The Virtual Game of Basketball”  and establish a “Virtual” speaking tour.  Ah…. What joy in Mudville!


I’m thoroughly enjoying speech-writing and as you can tell, I am wildly excited about getting behind a podium near you to bring forth the “Virtual” message of optimization and its application across all disciplines in life.

I really do hope the time off has given many of you an opportunity to revisit each post. Each trip down virtual lane will strengthen your understanding and ultimately your application(s). It also makes for  intelligent discourse. I love the questions from and connections with people from all over the world. I take delight in the overwhelming interest and I hope that you are one of the thousands who have either downloaded or  purchased the book. The  blog  and the material in the book go hand and hand. Together they provide greater impact and insight than just one or the other.

As always, I am extremely sympathetic to the situation of all players (performers) at all levels of play. As astounding as the growth of Virtual Play has been, still so many have yet to be reached. They remain lost on information that could potentially transform them physically, intellectually, technically and emotionally– which is vital to operating under stressful conditions. Most of us yearn to be more productive, if only in selective areas. Once the virtual path, the urge will be to optimize everything — I promise.

Personal development should be a matter of (CQI) -Continuous Quality Improvements and equally important demonstration.  Rarely is anyone given the benefit of the doubt for possessing  skill sets. “Skills not shown, are skills unknown. If you don’t show what you know, nobody knows what you know.”  So If you’ve grown… let it be known!

“It’s not hocus-pocus, but rather the right focus.”

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