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Virtual Journey (John Allen)

Posted in New Posts, News on April 13th, 2012 by Troy Miles


It’s easy to be proud of John “Noog” Allen. He has gone through So much, and has gotten SO far. He is a cerebral basketball gladiator who is bound for greater glory in the game as a player and most likely as a coach.  

Opponents BEWARE. He has but scratched the surface of his Virtuality.

Troy Miles

Virtual Journey: By John “Noog” Allen

“My Virtual journey started the summer before my senior in year high school, but my journey of life, love, and hoops started on the concrete of my backyard as a youth… “

 I felt like I was in my higher virtual self vs. Central (video)

Hour after hour I’d imagine myself playing in the big game. Day by day I’d return to the same hoop with the same ball, dreaming the same dream. It went something like this… close game, I got fouled and it was up to me to ice it. No pressure, just a little wind on a sunny Seattle day. There were days I missed one, sometimes two, but that never deterred me from coming back the next day– even in the rain.

I began playing basketball at a young age. So naturally with playing, came dreaming. Like most kids I dreamed of personal success, but I’ve always wanted to win something big. I can’t even begin to count the game winners (in my yard). My ambitions of one day cutting the nets down in front of millions (perhaps) controlled my life. I desperately wanted to win something that would never be forgotten. It’s crazy to say even now (because I’ve been shy about it, outside of close friends and family) but I played in that game (Did you see me?!). We WON that game! I’ll forever be a National Champion and I’m rejoicing!

Western Washington University Vikings NCAA D II Champions 2012


“This is the greatest joy I’ve ever known.”

As I watched my friend and AAU teammate Jordan Hamilton change like Optimus Prime from Transformers during his initial years with Coach Miles, I couldn’t help but be hungry for the same stuff.

When you were young did you ever wonder how Optimus (or any of the Autobots) changed from a truck to sky-scraping machine? When I saw Jordan transform into a virtual monster of a basketball player, I was in the same sort of awe. It was so similar to the feeling I had as a youngster. I’d wonder what I would do If I could change like Optimus Prime did.


It was no mystery to me how J Ham (Jordan) went from just another guy “trying to hoop” to All-Everything. When I was a freshman, there was a guy (Jake Linton) in our league smashing cats. I knew he was training with Coach Miles too. But besides all that, watching Jordan develop “Virtual” confidence was arguably the most inspiring transition in my life. What if I could not only get the answer from someone but also apply those changes to myself?  I couldn’t help but want to learn HOW. I NEEDED that in my basketball life. Wondering HOW (all those years) took my hoop dreams to another realm and in the process changed my life dreams.

I began training with Coach Miles as a Senior in High School after playing all summer on his Miles Ahead AAU Team. What would transpire over the next 4 or 5 years is directly related to the success I’ve had as a college ballplayer.  Looking back, my first session (programming) actually started with an a** whoopin at the WAC (Washington Athletic Club). That session was so difficult, it had me never wanting to come back. It wasn’t because I couldn’t get what he was saying, it’s just that I was so frustrated  I wasn’t programming well (at all).

Coach Miles kept telling me, “the mind is crazy huh? It doesn’t want you to change.” It was the first session, literally the first hour, and he told me, “it’s emotionally more difficult  being able to hoop already, because your brain (you) doesn’t want you to change what has been working (so far). I’m telling you, this stuff will make you a pro.” I kept fighting him and my brain was interfering with me to make the proper changes to become cleaner. I argued with him, started sulking, and he looked at me and said, “why don’t I just show you?”

So… in some un-tied, ratty canvas converse (sorry coach) with cargo shorts and a hurt Achilles, he handed me the ball and said, “you better hope you don’t miss ONCE, cause you won’t stop me.” I laughed, like, I’m about to go to work on this old-man… pfff… 11 straight? Unfortunately, I didn’t score 11 straight… I can’t even remember how many I scored (it wasn’t enough). I didn’t get ONE stop! He seemed SO quick, but his shoes weren’t tied…? He seemed SO athletic, but his Achilles didn’t allow him to jump….? Man, I’m glad there were no cameras in there.


What followed those 11 straight buckets were countless (and still counting) sessions. I’ve continued to program my brain with precision of technique (the only true way to cleanly demonstrate on the floor under duress).  I was a well recruited high school athlete until the WIAA took away my senior year of eligibility (don’t get me started).

I decided to walk-on at WSU out of high school. I made the team and earned minutes. Naturally I would have liked to have played more, but injury and circumstance limited things a bit. Overall, WSU was a wonderful experience and I’m grateful to the coaches for the opportunity.  Nonetheless,  Coach Miles kept pushing me to perform better virtually (be cleaner) and raise my expectation model. He believed I was capable of so much more. He was right. He doesn’t understand settling (regardless of who you are or what level you are).

Coach Miles, along with Coach Jackson ( our entire staff really)  helped turned me into a All-League point-guard- back-to-back years (and counting!).  They have  helped sculpt me into a player that took home the West Regional MVP honors (on our way to the Elite 8 in Kentucky). It may sound like I’M bragging, but feel me on this….. I love playing for Coach Jackson (super smart) and “Virtual Play” (VP) is serious stuff!!!! Coach earned National Coach of the Year honors for a reason and VP really is a real-life app for consistent individual success at basketball.  I’m in a win-win situation and pumped for what’s next.

In essence, my true Virtual  journey starts with a Thank You (especially to my parents who have supported my dreams–always).
There have been many other people along the way who have positively influenced and helped sculpt my basketball abilities. However, none have successfully done so with factual demonstration and answers to HOW certain players do uncertain things, and how certain things bring about certainty like Coach Miles. It truly is highly scientific (Hi-Sci) material that will work for anyone not afraid of change. His principles gave me the confidence to turn four straight free-throws in front of over 4 million people nation-wide into nothing more than icing on the championship cake. My Virtual journey is so much more than hoops. Countless hours in the gym with Coach Miles and Jordan have turned my LIFE virtual. With verifiable information he has created a tremendous platform for me to have success in anything. Jordan and I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend so much time with him both inside and outside the “Lab”. He has pushed us to become virtual. He continues to push us! His understanding of life and basketball enabled Jordan and I to fulfill life long dreams… and it’s only the beginning!

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