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Virtual Journey (John Allen)

Posted in New Posts, News on April 13th, 2012 by Troy Miles


It’s easy to be proud of John “Noog” Allen. He has gone through So much, and has gotten SO far. He is a cerebral basketball gladiator who is bound for greater glory in the game as a player and most likely as a coach.  

Opponents BEWARE. He has but scratched the surface of his Virtuality.

Troy Miles

Virtual Journey: By John “Noog” Allen

“My Virtual journey started the summer before my senior in year high school, but my journey of life, love, and hoops started on the concrete of my backyard as a youth… “

 I felt like I was in my higher virtual self vs. Central (video)

Hour after hour I’d imagine myself playing in the big game. Day by day I’d return to the same hoop with the same ball, dreaming the same dream. It went something like this… close game, I got fouled and it was up to me to ice it. No pressure, just a little wind on a sunny Seattle day. There were days I missed one, sometimes two, but that never deterred me from coming back the next day– even in the rain.

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“In the Lab” with Nia Jackson

Posted in New Posts, News on September 17th, 2011 by Troy Miles

Nia Jackson

Nia Jackson is a former All-Pac 12 guard at the University of Oregon. Before her injury she was one of the most explosive players in the country.  I was able to spend three days (12 hours) with her in the “Lab” recently .  Nia has been working hard to rehab a knee injury suffered against the University of Washington last season.  Physically she is about 60 percent and is limited to what she is permitted to do on the court. The good news  is she was still able to add to her PTAG –Physical, Technical, Application (Intellectual)  and Grit (Emotional) development, because “Virtual” growth isn’t necessarily a physical process.

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