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How Far is LeBron?

Posted in New Posts, News on October 19th, 2011 by Troy Miles

LeBron James is one of the baddest cats on the basketball planet, and perhaps the best teammate in the game– period . You could even argue he is the greatest player we’ve ever seen–with so much cap space (room to grow).

Yet as super basketball human as he is, LeBron has glaring weaknesses in his game. Everybody knows by now that he needs to develop his post game, and I’d love to work him through “A Dose of my Post.” But if  I could just get him to understand “Lane Play” (The Virtual Game of Basketball), every NBA exec outside of Pat Riley and the Heat brass would be looking to give me the guillotine.

Nonetheless, LeBron is a ridiculous player as is and certainly a joy to watch. In my humble opinion he has the greatest scope of vision of any player since Magic Johnson. Yet the enigma that is LeBron James brings up an interesting discussion about capacity (what you have) and capability (what you do with what you have). I suppose it’s why we are delighted by LeBron’s spectacular demonstrations, yet truly marvel at the better players who operate closer to their capacities (Steve Nash still pops in my brain when I think of that guy) .

No matter where you are on the spectrum of  skill, your PTAG (physical, technical, intellectual application, emotional/grit) and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is what it’s all about.

Let’s suppose your PTAG is 2/3/3/3 or 11 out of 20 (11/20)- since the maximum in each category is 5. Thus, 11 would equate to level 55 (or so), still just over half of what’s possible.  Now if  your overall skill level is 10 (out of 100) you ‘re a beginner and  should push to get to level 20 and beyond — that’s obvious. My point is, once players get to around level 50+ or 60, the majority ( at least far too many) fail to get better -other than physically. Hopefully they continue to get wiser–at least.

Skill set development suffers after that because at level 50+ or 60 players can play, even though they  may be far from their capacities. Many players think they’re better than they actually are and getting them to listen can be a challenge, especially if what they already possess is “enough”. Level 50 (on average) are top high school, level 60 upper college, and 70 approaching NBA level.  Let’s also add that  Kobe could easily be in the upper 80’s with a “Virtual” mindset (cleaner application) .

Where are you? How much cap space do you have?

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In the end, LeBron could (with the right information) have the highest number of all time… I’m hoping this is what Scottie Pippen meant to say. Truth is, LeBron is not nor is he guaranteed to be greater than Michael Jordan.  It’s just when you see his immense potential you know in your heart it’s possible, even though your brain may doubt it presently.

Think of the spot he’s in. He’s living the life of a king and his game is filthy–forget championship rings for a moment,.  What will be his hunger pang when he finally puts on that ring (he will). Not to mention, that  once your game gets to a certain level of development it’s hard to find people that can actually help you get better.

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I heard LeBron was spending time with Hakeem (Olajuwon) working on the his post game.  The lockout could be providing him more time to get it together. I guess Olajuwon should be careful too.



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