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Game + Game = Game

Posted in New Posts, News on August 23rd, 2012 by Troy Miles






 A Pro with consistent quality application is an All-Pro

An All-Pro with consistent quality application is a Hall-of-Famer


The first prerequisite for being able to “play” is to have the skill set to “play”.


However just having the skill set to “play” DOES NOT mean you play the game well.  The critical aspect in the equation is how you APPLY YOUR SKILL SETS during play. Therefore, your ER (efficiency rating)  or how you operate  during actual play is more critical than your PR (proficiency rating) or skill package in a vacuum (outside of game conditions).

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Finally! LeBron is the Don

Posted in New Posts, News on June 22nd, 2012 by Troy Miles

LeBron James is a NBA Champion–finally! In perhaps the most entertaining Finals/playoffs in many years, he was the star of stars, beast of beasts. He is the best basketball player in the world and quite possibly the most valuable teammate in any sport.

The manner in which he weaves  cohesiveness  with his group conjures the maestro magnificence of Magic Johnson. While comparisons to the other MJ are inevitable, LeBron  is unique in his own basketball right. He has ascended the NBA mountain top and taken his place in rarefied air. Now Miami Heat fans can exhale and blaze into the summer as a championship city.

LeBron is the undisputed King (for now).  He has vanquished his opponents and silenced his critics. At the ripe young age of twenty-seven he has claimed  basketball’s ultimate crown, AND will watch as they raise a championship banner bearing his DNA.  I guess the question is, where can he or the Heat go from here?

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The Truth About Tony (Wroten)

Posted in New Posts, News on March 11th, 2012 by Troy Miles

Of course by now the whole world knows what we in Seattle have known since his days at the Rotary (Boy’s and Girls Club)…. Tony Wroten is a basketball phenom headed to the NBA on the draft day express.  He’ll have a guaranteed rookie contract waiting on him, but who knows what else.

He’s perhaps the most compelling and polarizing Seattle-raised sports star (definitely Husky) ever. However, as tremendous as he is, his glaring weaknesses and emotional antics (personally I think his celebrations are reasonable, as long as he doesn’t include opponents in the displays) make him a target in the sports community.  He’s such a talent and has created such a high expectation– in such a short period I might add, that apparently, too many people have forgotten he’s just a kid; and quite honestly, one in a very delicate situation (back to that shortly).

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How Far is LeBron?

Posted in New Posts, News on October 19th, 2011 by Troy Miles

LeBron James is one of the baddest cats on the basketball planet, and perhaps the best teammate in the game– period . You could even argue he is the greatest player we’ve ever seen–with so much cap space (room to grow).

Yet as super basketball human as he is, LeBron has glaring weaknesses in his game. Read more »

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What To Do With A “Super-Freak”?

Posted in Blogs, News on February 21st, 2010 by Troy Miles

This era of the physical freak has morphed the game of basketball beyond physical recognition. It is becoming more and more difficult to compete on today’s athletic plane. The odds of being the most physically gifted player on the court are quite slim…

Fortunately, in the world of Virtual Play, the measure of performance is determined by the net results of technical actions and not necessarily the physical prowess of the performer…

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This application bridges the gap between the super-freak and the average athlete. Physics, in one form or another is one of the oldest academic disciplines. It seeks to understand very basic concepts such as force, mass, energy and momentum. Through the use of precise movement… you will be able to execute in ways that will produce matrix-like outcomes during play…

Martial art has shown for centuries that there are no mathematical or physical limits to optimizing technique or execution…

The power lies in ultimate focus on applying the basics as an art form. It makes athleticism less of a factor. It allows you to transcend physical deficiencies – if there are any – and negate the physicality of your opponents…

Virtual Play, as you will discover, is the technical and physical model for optimum efficiency in basketball. The more precise you are in applying these principles the more effective you are in your play…

Basketball is one of the few sports in which the offense has the advantage. Unfortunately, many players and teams give theirs away with poor technique and a flawed offensive approach. If all of our movements are in frames – as in motion pictures – and we can learn to control our movement in each frame, then we should then be able to mislead and manipulate opponents with our intentions in early frames of movement…

Therefore, we can control our opponents (regardless of how athletic they are) by proposing an action and being continuously contrary to their responses…

It becomes easy to make necessary changes to exploit and maintain advantage…

Uncovering these truths and absolutes… is the portal to peak performance… for anyone.

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