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Battle For Seattle

Posted in New Posts, News on December 14th, 2012 by Troy Miles

A Division I basketball school in Seattle should thrive perennially- especially as a member of the Pac 12. Lorenzo has basically done that and redefined what success means for UW basketball.

Think about all the major things he’s done and the bevy of talent to roll through since he’s been back on the block. What about all the terrific things we have given him credit for over the years… HE’S STILL HIM. He has won and electrified Montlake in the process . As a result he’s created a very high expectation model–which is great, as long as it can be lived up to . 

With a few tweaks, UW could be a national power. Without them they will remain an enigma, tantalizing fans with what could be or have been. Read more »

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The Truth About Tony (Wroten)

Posted in New Posts, News on March 11th, 2012 by Troy Miles

Of course by now the whole world knows what we in Seattle have known since his days at the Rotary (Boy’s and Girls Club)…. Tony Wroten is a basketball phenom headed to the NBA on the draft day express.  He’ll have a guaranteed rookie contract waiting on him, but who knows what else.

He’s perhaps the most compelling and polarizing Seattle-raised sports star (definitely Husky) ever. However, as tremendous as he is, his glaring weaknesses and emotional antics (personally I think his celebrations are reasonable, as long as he doesn’t include opponents in the displays) make him a target in the sports community.  He’s such a talent and has created such a high expectation– in such a short period I might add, that apparently, too many people have forgotten he’s just a kid; and quite honestly, one in a very delicate situation (back to that shortly).

Read more »

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Are You Hoopin’ or Hopin’?

Posted in New Posts, News on August 3rd, 2010 by Troy Miles

Tragically many players stand around watching (spotting up) or waiting for their turn to get the ball ?!! Is it the mission of the other players to get you the ball?

Overton receiving the Ball by johncuthbert43.


Venoy Overton receives a “quality touch”?

If you’re not open,  you’re only hopin’ – to get the ball.  Being kinda open won’t cut it either.  Get yourself obviously open or don’t  expect to get the rock… especially  amongst top players. Read more »

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