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Virtual Journey (Jordan Hamilton)

Posted in New Posts, News on April 10th, 2012 by Troy Miles

Jordan Hamilton has come an incredible distance as a VP (Virtual Player, Virtual Performer and most importantly-  Virtual Person).



“Virtual Journey”– By Jordan Hamilton

Virtual Training is more martial art form than drills. Individuals are taught to understand their body, mind, and the process in which one creates their reality (through skill acquisition). Programming new material into the established patterns of the nervous/belief systems is hard work. The body and brain are resistant to change; which is why so few players/people are able to reach there desired destinations” 

Jordan Hamilton, Co-Captain, Lehigh Men’s basketball

When I first picked up a basketball at the age of six, I had no idea where the round ball would take me. All I knew is that my dad, uncles, and cousins played; and being the impressionable youth that I was, I wanted to be just like them. I was hooked immediately and although I was uncoordinated (to say the least), gangly, and timid, I continued to play-albeit not very well.

As an eleven year old I had two voices in my head; one told me to give up because I’d never be any good, while the other wanted to keep exploring. My curiosity lead me to tryout and join the Y.E.S. AAU program, which at the time was coached by Troy Miles. I had no idea at the time, but this was the start of my virtual journey. Coach Miles developed a group of misfits and goofballs into a well-oiled machine, through tireless programming of foundational details. I’ve found that many of those foundational layers go unnoticed in far too many basketball circles. Many just do not understand the math and physics of the game the way Coach Miles does.


The team and I developed quickly, beginning to gain more attention and talent from other teams. Around this time, the point guard for our team, Taylor Mulberg was doing individual training with Coach Miles. We all watched in awe as his game seemingly transformed over night. The training took him to a new level and made him one of the top youth players in Seattle-easily. I knew what his success was attributed to, so I too began training with Coach Miles, and have been ever since.


Training or programming (reading chapter two-“The Brain Game” The Virtual Game of Basketball is a must) is unlike any form of basketball development I have experienced, and by far the most effective. It truly is a battle for “positive reps” in which one’s focus on the key points must be greater than the emotional resistance to change. Programming is a tough task. I’ve seen many players crumble. I wanted to quit myself, but I was getting better and I wanted more.


Coach Miles’ ability to observe and critic the player’s technical movement, frame by frame, is uncanny. This is complimented by his understanding of the mathematical and physical principles behind the optimal outcomes (crossover, layup, shot, rebound, defense, etc). He gives information with demonstration, explanation and verification so he can correct and demonstrate the ideal movement. This is, WHY it is IDEAL. I have noticed throughout my career that the WHY or HOW is often ignored or simply not understood. Understanding why is a powerful asset to any player and takes their game to a deliberate state.

Over the years of training I developed a toolbox full of optimal techniques: proper body mechanics, footwork, bodywork, shooting form, defensive principles, moving without the ball, rebounding … the list goes on. Every basketball skill is covered. Nothing beats getting in “The Lab”, however, “The Virtual Game of Basketball” and the “Virtual Player’s Blog” are the intellectual compliment. They both contain information of unparalleled value.


My game continued to transform while others around me marginalized or fell off. Those who I once looked up to as players became my peers, and then victims of the virtuality I possessed. I went from being the last guy off the bench in 5th grade, to receiving a D-1 scholarship, one of only a few hundred men in the country to earn it. And my growth did not stop there. This past season as captain, I helped lead my team to a league championship and make history with a first round win over Duke in the NCAA tournament. Consistently training and programming with Coach (In the Lab) has helped me develop the basketball skills, mental toughness, and leadership ability to make my basketball dreams a reality. I know that the six year old inside would be proud.


Moving Forward:


The most powerful aspect of  “virtuality” is that it transcends the hardwood. (“Game After the Game”).


Training deals with the emotional and mental resistances to improvement (change), addressing them as they arise during the repetitions. Through programming one develops brainpower, not just for on the court, but in their everyday life. This mindfulness is the most valuable skill I have ever gained. I am able to remain calm in pressure situations, take on numerous perspectives at once, and observe my emotions and thoughts rather than being controlled by them. I apply this to every circumstance of life. It’s allowing me to get the most out of each moment.


Ultimately basketball is a metaphor for life. There are victories and defeats, challenges and choices, each providing an opportunity to learn and grow The point of basketball and life is to become the greatest YOU that YOU can be. I subscribe to the virtual principles of CQI- Continuous Quality Improvements. Based on my extensive experience in basketball and self -development, Virtual Play is the most effective means I’ve found to do just that.


Lehigh vs. Duke Highlights

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