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Roles to Get Chose: 3 Ways to Make the Team

Posted in Basketball, New Posts, News on October 21st, 2011 by Troy Miles

When most people think of making the team, they envision themselves knocking down shots all over the floor and having everyone holla—-“I see you.” If that’s the case, you’ll probably make the team.  However, outside of such a Kevin Durant style scoring expo, here are a few ways to impact the coaches and give yourself a shot to make the team– without making a shot.

(1) Steal the Rock… Earn a Spot

“D or Die” Defender (D)Let me be clear. The top defender on the floor is going to make the team.  In most cases, the top defender is going to play quite a bit for most coaches –ask Coach Wooden. Whether on the ball or off, making defensive plays will get you noticed. In fact, off-the-ball defense (Lane Patrol) gives you an opportunity for defensive highlights. You should stay in the passing lane. A deflection, a quick push and emphatic throwdown (if it’s like that)– even a lay-up looks nice. Either way you’ll get to put your hands together and holla “let’s go” on the way back.

(2) Get Rebounds…Get Noticed

Rebound Hound (R): If you’re cleaning up the glass, you’ll get to sip the team gatorade all season long. There’s a place for anyone who’s snatching boards, on any level.  Understanding P&P (Probability & Proximity) is a  surefire way to add to your rebound total. Teams with top rebounders always seem to be higher caliber.  Ever heard of Dennis Rodman, Ben Wallace or Paul Silas? I think it’s  the extra possessions and second chance shots they create . Sometimes those extra looks are easy put-backs and ways into the scoring column.

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(3) Jack of All Plays

Momentum Man (MM): A momentum person always seems to make big plays- at both ends of the court. It could be taking a charge, coming up with a steal, a blocked shot, a pair of big free-throws- maybe a huge bucket…whatever it is, it’s usually critical. These players bring a list of intangibles to the fray that always seem to fit the occasion; it could be something as simple as extra intensity. Every team needs a couple of these guys.

The beauty of these roles is that none requires you to have the basketball. There’s only one basketball, but those three options are always available. Besides, all things equal, you’d only have the ball 20 percent of the time anyway. This way, what you’re able to  do with the ball (when you get it) will only add to your display. Mastering at least one of these roles will not only get you a spot on the team, but will also land you a spot in the rotation. Trust me. Once you make it out onto the floor, I guarantee you’ll end up having a ball.


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