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Leverage Work: Pauses & Changes

Posted by The Virtual Game of Basketball on Sunday, August 2, 2015

About Me

As a youngster I never quite understood when I would see a martial artist in the park going through exercises in slow motion. I thought, “He’ll never fight in slow motion.” Fortunately I understand now that it is less about the speed at which you train and more about the precision of technique in each frame of movement. Sustained optimization or positive repetition applied over a period of time will ultimately forge skill acquisition and prepare you for the moment of exchange.

It has been a long passage thus far from Fundamentalist to “Virtualist.” The road to optimization is as long as the stairway to heaven and the deeds seem just as demanding. My lifelong association with the game of basketball has given me great insight into all aspects of life. Much of who I am today is a result of my journey through the game as a fan, a student, player, and now as a coach and teacher.

I was born into basketball. As a little boy I wanted to be like my dad (Eddie Miles) and Dave (Bing). My dad, an NBA All-Star was the product of Hall of Fame high school coach A.B Calvin, a staunch fundamentalist and disciplinarian. I too was raised with the basics of the game, and believe mastery of them will always be the base for formulating consistent success in whatever discipline.

Today I train players under the umbrella of Miles Ahead Virtual Training in Seattle.  Virtual Play is a formulation of material from years of training sessions. I have touched many ball-players over the years and have been moved by each one’s personal development. Jordan Hamilton of Lehigh University has traveled this Virtual journey with me for almost a decade. In truth, he is the Neo of this Matrix story. He has spent countless hours in the “Lab” (Gym) training in this fashion. His development has been remarkable and an inspiration to those who have witnessed his personal transformation.

Hopefully my gift back to basketball will be to continue giving to others all that I have been blessed to receive and discover on my path.


Troy Miles

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