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Above the Crowd

Posted in New Posts, News on July 16th, 2011 by Troy Miles

How can you move the crowd? First of all how has your game evolved. Unless you standout during play (most every time out), your standing doesn’t lie in the company of top players.

Standing out against top players in basketball may perhaps be tougher than finding a needle in the mountains of Afghanistan or a doomsday leader hiding down the street from a military base in Pakistan.However, decisively less of a challenge with some type of guide that can get you there. Trouble is most players (particularly Do-Howers) aren’t too interested in any directions or road maps. They’re generally convinced they know how to get there — if they don’t already “know”…  in their own brain.  Trust me on this one (phff)…that’s the wrong know how.

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Foot Mechanics is Quite a Feat

Posted in New Posts, News on July 20th, 2010 by Troy Miles

In just about every sport , it takes great feet to compete at a high level.


Proper footwork in basketball is as vital to successful play as effective skating is to quality hockey play. After all, foot control (explosive stops and starts) is a key element of body control and controlling opponents. If you cannot skate, you will never be an effective hockey player regardless of your other skills; likewise in basketball. Therefore you must understand how your feet operate. The feet are made of two parts. The balls of the feet are the Go or Push pads and are used to power your system.  The heels are the brakes and are used primarily for stopping and stabilization. Having your energy backward on your heels or operating on the brakes means you are stuck (flat) to the floor and slower to react.  (Note: Engaging the toes to the floor in a gripping fashion shifts your energy forward and keeps you on your pads.  This promotes instant forward movement or explosion…

“Every Step You Take” addresses the power of every step on earth for everyday walking. For  sports, how you operate your feet  determines your balance, stability and ability  to locomote effectively and deceptively. If you think you  are “non-athletic” or have  slow feet in your sport, check first to see if you operating on your feet properly.  Determine if your energy is typically moving towards  your “push pads” (balls of your feet) on steps or back towards the brakes (heels) .  It’s okay to have your heels touch the floor as long as your energy (from the heel) is moving away from the ground during the stride forward .

“No homo, but Ray Allen’s sh*t looks like he’s got baseballs in his legs. Ray must walk on the balls of his feet because I can’t see any amount of training that would make his calf muscles that big and leave the rest of his leg skinny.”

I notice players with poor foot mechanics and ones with great feet for that matter. But poor foot mechanics is a major contributor in lack of athletic prowess and simply an unnecessary handicap.  Futhermore, individuals with bad foot mechanics and/or poor structure (geometric harmony) are also prone to injury.

Notice. The vast majority of players that can jump, or those with speed or quickness generally walk the same way. It’s true for the mediocre and athletically challenged as well.  The typical step of that group is  heel first walking (touching). Notice the heel first walker usually has less calf  and hamstring definition, plus less pronounced glutes.  Hmmm… who would you rather be?

When you catch people at the gym walking up on their  toes, are you really surprised when they can jump or are explosive?  I know embouchure is a term used to describe the proper approach or positioning  of the lips on the mouthpiece of an instrument, but I like to think of the feet and their grip to  the court (or earth) in that way.  I talk extensively about this in the “Virtual Game…”, “We Can Build You”-Chapter 4. Once you understand proper foot mechanics  and subsequently foot control, you’ll be able to control opponents with  greater ease; especially in basketball (with the law of leadership) or right to be first (in movement).

You have the power in every step you take to make a difference in the symmetry of your body and your physical capacity.   A whole generation wanted to be like Mike. It should include walking like him. Be cognizant of how  you walk. Soon you’ll be better equipped to walk the walk and perhaps… talk the talk.

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What To Do With A “Super-Freak”?

Posted in Blogs, News on February 21st, 2010 by Troy Miles

This era of the physical freak has morphed the game of basketball beyond physical recognition. It is becoming more and more difficult to compete on today’s athletic plane. The odds of being the most physically gifted player on the court are quite slim…

Fortunately, in the world of Virtual Play, the measure of performance is determined by the net results of technical actions and not necessarily the physical prowess of the performer…

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This application bridges the gap between the super-freak and the average athlete. Physics, in one form or another is one of the oldest academic disciplines. It seeks to understand very basic concepts such as force, mass, energy and momentum. Through the use of precise movement… you will be able to execute in ways that will produce matrix-like outcomes during play…

Martial art has shown for centuries that there are no mathematical or physical limits to optimizing technique or execution…

The power lies in ultimate focus on applying the basics as an art form. It makes athleticism less of a factor. It allows you to transcend physical deficiencies – if there are any – and negate the physicality of your opponents…

Virtual Play, as you will discover, is the technical and physical model for optimum efficiency in basketball. The more precise you are in applying these principles the more effective you are in your play…

Basketball is one of the few sports in which the offense has the advantage. Unfortunately, many players and teams give theirs away with poor technique and a flawed offensive approach. If all of our movements are in frames – as in motion pictures – and we can learn to control our movement in each frame, then we should then be able to mislead and manipulate opponents with our intentions in early frames of movement…

Therefore, we can control our opponents (regardless of how athletic they are) by proposing an action and being continuously contrary to their responses…

It becomes easy to make necessary changes to exploit and maintain advantage…

Uncovering these truths and absolutes… is the portal to peak performance… for anyone.

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