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Give ’em the Rhythm

Posted in New Posts, News on August 13th, 2010 by Troy Miles

The rhythm is the beat and perhaps the most important element in music.  It drives the players forward. It can be even or uneven, steady or unsteady, but always has a certain tempo.  Basketball, just as in music, demands that you be in tune to the rhythm of the game in every circumstance of play.  Understanding when to be fast or when to be slow allows you to operate freely inside your skill sets, yet in harmony with other individuals and the overall game action- just like jazz players or other musicians at the Symphony, perhaps.

Gustavo Dudamel

Many times in basketball it is about being quick or even quicker.  At other times slurring movements is the answer.  It all depends on the rhythm of the circumstance.  Learning to make plays inside the flow of the game or rhythm of the circumstance is a key ingredient for being an effective player and more importantly, an effective team player. Staying on beat gives you a higher sense of purpose than just the concerns of self. Some players finish plays, yet in a manner that is detrimental to team chemistry.

Some skilled players never quite find the rhythm and fail to make themselves a viable part of the mix. Others- albeit not many, seamlessly get in where they fit in or fit in when they get in-whichever the case may be. However it’s said or is, these rhythm guys seem to stay open, come up with timely loose balls, rebounds and habitually find themselves in position to make critical plays for their team.  They operate slightly ahead of the frames (movement) of play and have a commanding presence on the floor. Sounds like the conductor or a Chauncey Billups kinda dude. BTW:His trade out of Motown years ago was definitely off-beat.

Understanding the rhythm of the affair is part of KYE or knowing your environment. KYE is integral to KYC -knowing your capacity  and operating inside your strengths. It’s equally important to  KYL -know your limits and work to neutralize them.  Last but not least, KYE is vital to KYP-knowing your personnel and how to function effectively together in the moment.

So whether you play  trombone or point guard; whether it’s the “battle of the bands” or the big game, if you don’t stay in tune to the rhythm of the affair you’ll probably get beat…(out of something).

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