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Lower For Higher

Posted in New Posts, News on September 17th, 2010 by Troy Miles

Congratulations to the Seattle Storm, the 2010 WNBA World Champions.seattle_storm Whoooooooooooooohuuuy! Go Ladies, you’ve turned the sports world on its ear.   Well, given the fact you went the entire season undefeated at home and swept through the playoffs undefeated, you should have- but I’m not sure that is the case.

But why not?  It is true the W of the NBA stands for a purer version of play relative to their W-less counterparts (the men’s game). But it’s also true, the physical aesthetics and quasi-And 1 presentation of the men’s game, makes it (for the average fan) more enjoyable to watch. On the surface, the female game seems  to lack the hyper-athleticism necessary to keep a highlight-hungry fan base on the edge of their seats. However, a closer look reveals a great deal of acrobatic activity in the women’s game, but it goes without notice because the game (outside of an occasional above the rim assault) is still played below the basket.

I’ve theorized for years that lowering the basket in the women’s game would revolutionize the sport – at least from a marketing standpoint. In conjunction with clean fundamental play,  we’d also be able to see varying degrees of athleticism amongst the women. Eventually, Doctor J and MJ like figures would emerge replete with “high-flying” and memorable facials just like the fellas.

The game would capture the imagination of the”average” fan–who seem to  need that type of entertainment to be happy. Revenues would soar.  A new generation of lady hoopers would become instantaneous “baller$”, as endorsements deals would keep pace with burgeoning contracts for coaches and players.

Of course, with a new lease on the highlight life, the women’s game would eventually suffer the same maladies as the men’s game-from a purist or Hi-sci (highly scientific) standpoint.

Young girls will become enamored with dunking ( just like the boys) and pin-point shooting and fundamental applications in  play will become “old” school, sooner rather than later perhaps.

What the heck… at some point the game will transition on its own anyway—right?  SoOh….why not lower the basket for higher appeal now and get that transition over with already? After all, it’s a small price to pay for entry into the “big-time”, with an expanded fan and salary base for everybody (?)

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Where Did He Go?

Posted in New Posts, News on August 29th, 2010 by Troy Miles

In 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the color line in Major League Baseball, which at the time was the only Major sport in the country open to all races.   By 1948 the Chicago-based  Harlem Globetrotters, although not a member of the the BAA (the precursor to the NBA) were considered, along with the Minneapolis Lakers, the top basketball team on the planet.

Harlem Globetrotters

On February 19, 1948, the two teams met before a packed house at Chicago Stadium.  In the end the Globetrotters won on a last second shot 61 to 59. One year later (February 28th) the Trotters again defeated the World Champion Lakers 49 to 45.


During the summer of 1949, the National Basketball League and Basketball Association of America merged to form the National Basketball Association. Of greater significance, however, was the integration of the NBA, as the Boston Celtics drafted the first Black player  Chuck Cooper of Duquesne. Read more »

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From Do-How to Know-How… Hopefully

Posted in New Posts, News on May 21st, 2010 by Troy Miles


Just being bigger, faster, quicker or jumping higher… won’t get you these guy’s jobs anytime soon


This era of the physical freak has morphed the game of basketball beyond physical recognition. It is becoming more and more difficult to compete on today’s athletic plane.

The odds of being the most physically gifted player on the court are quite slim. Even if you are today, you may not be tomorrow.

For sustained success you must continue to grow in your knowledge (Know-How) of the game and continue to sharpen your application of technique “virtually.”Moreover, the ability to manipulate time, space and opponents beyond the use of just basketball fundamentals is the trademark of a Virtual Player (VP)VP’s understand the math and science of the game. This application bridges the gap between the super-freak and the average athlete.

Of course, there will always be guys who have success off of what they can do physically or by way of trickery. These players operate on Do-How as opposed to Know-How. They are highly capable and often physical freaks of some sort. Too often however, their inadequate comprehension or application of fundamentals limits their chance for consistent success at high levels of play. Know-How will win the series against Do-How almost always.

This  discovery of optimization in Virtual Play has been absolutely fascinating and it never stops. Uncovering these truths and absolutes is the portal to peak performance … Technology will forever change. You must adapt to these changes, or be prepared to fall short of your basketball objectives.




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