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Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With Virtual Play

Posted in New Posts, News on December 11th, 2012 by Troy Miles

You’re beginning to notice there’s something about this Virtual Play stuff (Can’t quite put your finger on it?). Yet something draws you to it–especially if you’ve been anywhere near enough to witness its impact on players firsthand. More and more people are discovering the benefits of Virtual Play as a martial arts form of basketball. Organized optimization is becoming the blueprint for the new millennium player.

“Troy Miles knows what he is talking about people. The lessons you can learn from him personally, the Virtual Game of Basketball blogs and the book will not only benefit you on the court, but off. You may be thinking “does this stuff really work?”, well as a former D-I athlete who spent hours in the gym with Troy I can personally tell you it does work, and it works really well…”

Garrison Carr –Former Patriot League MVP



The word is steadily getting out there. Book sales have risen dramatically since the summer and quietly I’ve sold books in 23 countries. Still, I’m expecting “The Virtual Game of Basketball” to be the #1 basketball book on the planet. It’s the way…at least a way to a quantum leap forward as a ball player–even if your a top player.

It’s starting to sink in to those in the immediate “Virtual” vicinity. Other players and coaches are starting to recognize that there’s something different about a Virtual Player (VP). No way around the fact that, whoever embraces  the principles of Virtually seems to get waaaaay better– rather quickly.  Read more »

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