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Basketball Singularity

Posted in New Posts, News on November 2nd, 2011 by Troy Miles

Singularity Brain 2The physical displays we are seeing across all sports today are truly remarkable. It’s hard to fathom where they might plateau. The ever evolving physicality of the human species creates a few perplexing questions. Is there a ceiling on the athletic capacity  of an “organic” human being? What about the limit for performance?

At what point  will the human processor max out?  I’ve said before that the physicality of the modern basketball player has already morphed the game beyond physical recognition.  Maybe the real question is, where  “The Brain Game”  is headed; and what will it take to stay ahead of the curve? 

For the most part we are living in a very organic time– relative to development and prowess. Outside of a few parts and accessories, the physical fusion of man and machine (Singularity) has not made its way into mainstream sports arena. So far, athletes operate free of implants to acquire skill sets and enhancement — outside of productive work, is still a thing of banned substances. This is inspiring news for the sports purist. It means that great players aren’t being created in the laboratory–yet. It will not be this way forever.

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