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Listen to the Message

Posted in New Posts, News on May 5th, 2010 by Troy Miles

It’s easy to half-hear and miss critical elements that connect understanding – even when  you’re interested in the information. Program yourself to listen  intently to the “message of the moment.”

The brain is extremely clever about  creating distraction — particularly when change is involved.  Be aware of tendencies that may stop you from actually getting the most out of exchanges.  Think about when you miss a key word and get behind in a conversation. Sometimes it’s hard to catch up, but who wants to appear as if they weren’t listening?  If you are interested in a particular message, you may find these rules of engagement helpful.

1) Be aware of defensiveness to new or “different” information.  Program yourself to resist the urge to suppress, discount or disprove. Give yourself a chance to grow.  Your brain will try to use your emotions (fears, doubts) against you to derail progress.

2) Open your “Circle of Understanding.” It’s tough because  you already  have a full circle of everything you know presently.  Unfortunately, you don’t know what you don’t know.  Therefore, circles come in all sizes.  Get in the habit of allowing yourself  to think of new information as potentially  upgradable or expandable material rather than as a replacement program per se.  This will help your brain cooperate and allow you to fully engage in the exchange.  This is key in conceptualizing what is being said.  There’s usually something of value in the words. By opening your “Circle” you’ll be better  able to determine the V level or validity of the message.  If the information is verifiable and you see how you can benefit, the  crucial next step is to get past your brain to start the process of integration or expanding your circle of information and skill.

3) Don’t allow yourself to feel overwhelmed.  Ask as many questions as necessary to move forward.

4) Incorporate “Mental Repetition.” (see: “Mind Matters… Over and Over”)  Take time out (30 minutes) to revisit the new information in your head.  It’s amazing how much it impacts retention and performance.

The ear hears, the brain receives  and your job is to make sense of the information and put it to use.

Education = Acquisition          Application = Performance



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